Is the Bubbers Monster gone for good??

November 8th, 2009

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Behold: my little Bubbers King.

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These pictures are from last month–when he was 29 months old.

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Where on earth has the time gone??

And where on earth has the randomly destructive Bubbers Monster gone??!??!

It used to be that when I stepped out of the shower, I got this look:

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“What?   It wasn’t me.  I swear it wasn’t me.”

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Really?  This wasn’t you?

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“Uh….. So maybe it was me.”

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*Giggle, giggle*

PICT0045 edited

*Hee, hee, hee*

PICT0040 edited


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“Yep, it was me all right.”

And the minute I opened the bathroom door, he was off on some new random adventure.

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Like hanging out under a bedside table.

PICT0077 edited

“Hi, Mommy!”

PICT0078 edited

“I’m hiding!”

This was what I was used to.  This was typical.

Now fast forward about 11 months.

Now when I step out of the shower, I get this look:

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“Yo.  What’s up?”

Holy smokes, Bubbers!!

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Did you build that all by yourself?!?

PICT0249 edited


PICT0253 edited


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“Yes!! It’s a temple!”

And then he winds up…..

PICT0301 edited

….. And whacks it.

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And then I realize that the destructive Bubbers Monster is still there.

And then I smile.  And heave a huge sigh of relief.

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Suzanne | 12/4/2009 3:31 am

Stay there a while longer Bubbers Monster, from a mummy that knows her children have grown way too fast.


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