Story Time

Sweet Baby (6 weeks old) was in his Bumbo for the first time a few days ago and the older boys LOVED it. Potatoes read him a book and then Boots took over after that. Baby alternated between watching his brothers and the angels up above. :)







The Chicks! (by Brother)




Oh, hi, everyone!


Just look at them! A week ago we got seven barred rock chicks from the feed store…


… And Mommy put them in the bathtub! She read about it in a book and thought it sounded great. And it was great. I just loved going in to see them and reaching in to hold them. I would have kept them in there forever!!

But the dust gave Daddy allergies. And the smell didn’t agree with either of my parents. And they kind of cheeped a lot.


So, Mommy found a rabbit hutch and converted it into a chick brooder! It’s much easier to maintain for her, the chicks are doing awesome and peace has been restored to our home.


Mommy did have a dream that all the chicks got eaten their first night outside and rushed to the window in the morning, but they were just fine. Phew!


They get bigger every day and lose more of their fluff. And whenever they’re awake, they cheep up a storm! And, boy, if you want to see them freak out, just open the top or stick your hand in there and they’ll act like the sky has fallen and squashed them flat.


I still miss having them in the bathtub, but I’m glad Mommy and Daddy are feeling better. And you can come over to see them anytime!!

Buster (by Mr. Moo)


Hello, my friends! I have someone very important to introduce to you…


Our first dog!

049 great

Aw, isn’t he cute? His name is Buster. He’s a Havanese/Shih tzu and we got him for Christmas.


He’s smart and playful and snoozes a lot.


Hi, Busser Brown!






What a good doggy. We all love playing with him.


And that’s Buster! My newest best friend. :)

p.s. One of my favorite games…




“Wait, where did he go?”


“Mr. Moo? Mr. Moo-oo?”


“There you are!”


“Oh no! He’s GONE again…”  :):)

Home Depot (and thank you, Jill)

I’ve been working on my novel and didn’t think much about not posting here anymore until I got a comment today from Jill, letting me know she enjoyed watching our family grow and had missed my posts. I was really touched and realized I shouldn’t be so neglectful. Thank you, Jill!

I also told her I’d start posting again, so here’s a quick one about a discovery we made this month…

The Home Depot Kids Clinics!

We had heard about these free workshops for kids, but had never done one. Well, we finally decided to try it after the boys loved assembling some snowman picture frames Lowe’s randomly gave me a long time ago. The boys couldn’t be happier hammering away and we even made a few commemorative holes in the counter top. :)

Here are a few pictures off my camera of the first clinic we went to at the beginning of January. The woman who runs them was really wonderful. She told us she does them every single Saturday, so the boys have been back every Saturday since!

2013-01-05 11.27.56

First, I set up Sir Potatoes in a grocery cart with a bowl full of crustless sammies. I knew that would happily occupy him for quite some time.

2013-01-05 11.28.09

Then I partnered with Sir Brother and we got to work on his birdhouse. I kept reading the directions wrong and had to borrow a screwdriver to pry off sides, but he was such a good sport and worked so diligently.

2013-01-05 11.28.29

Daddy and Sir Boots paired up and made a wonderful team hammering away. Home Depot even gave them aprons with their names!

2013-01-05 11.31.21

This was the best shot I got of Boots’ completed project prior to painting. He was so cute with all his equipment, I just wanted to squeeze my little handyman.

2013-01-05 11.31.35

Potatoes kept chugging away on the bottomless pit. Did I mention he’d just eaten breakfast?

2013-01-05 11.35.02

Brother was so proud of his birdhouse. After this he joined Boots and they painted and painted. Then we went home and attached them to the backyard fence. We’re really hoping they get occupied this spring, but either way it’s sure fun to see them out there and hear the boys talk about how they made them.

2013-01-05 11.35.57

This little guy was so entertained just watching, I have no doubt there’s a budding carpenter in there already!