Day Two: What’s his name?

May 9th, 2021

We got that question a lot in the hospital. My mom asked me. My friends asked me. Every doctor and nurse who walked in my room asked me.

But every time I gave the same answer: “We don’t know.”

Because there aren’t a lot of names left for a fifth son that fit all of my rules and all of Charming’s rules.

You see, I wanted boy names that hadn’t been used for girls, couldn’t be shortened into a nickname and weren’t really common.

I also wanted a first name with strong sounds in it and a middle name from the Bible like all of our other children. And, of course, all three names needed to fit well together.

And Charming wanted a name that wasn’t a verb or a noun. He liked classic names that fit his tastes.

We tried calling him different names, but they never felt right for long.

Joseph Hyrum?

Hyrum Joseph?

Isaac Joseph?

Joseph Isaac?

Eric Joseph?

Eric Michael?

Try as we might, it became clear that the only thing we wanted to call him on his second day…

… Was ours. :)

The day you were born…

May 9th, 2021

The day you were born, Daddy drove me to the hospital and when he pushed me through the doors in my wheelchair, I had a huge smile that nobody could see behind my pandemic face mask. Because when Daddy had pushed me through those same doors five times before, I was there to get iron infusions and I didn’t get to leave with a baby in my arms.

But this time was different! This time when the COVID-19 screener looked at the very pregnant woman sitting in a wheelchair and asked with a knowing gleam in her eyes, “Triage?” I got to say, “YES!!”

And when the security guard asked your dad, “Is this your first?” his eyes almost popped out when your dad answered, “No, it’s our sixth.”

I was taken right to my room and they got me all ready for surgery. I was so relieved to make it there, because you were my sixth C-section and it felt like I might not hold together much longer. Between your incredibly strong punches, kicks and turns and all of the contractions I’d had for weeks, my scar hurt really bad. That had never happened before and I was scared and grateful that the doctor wanted to take you out earlier than usual at 38 weeks along.

The moment I heard your voice for the first time, I started crying. You quieted down right away, but I kept on crying.

I knew you would be my last baby and this was the last time I’d ever hear my child’s voice for the first time. And I didn’t want it to be the last time. Because when I heard you cry, it was like an angel from heaven was right there handing you to me as my heart opened up, wrapped around you and held on forever.

And I was so sad that I wouldn’t feel that magic again.

But when your dad brought you over and I looked into your beautiful eyes for the first time, it felt like God said to me, “He needs you. He needs his mother.”

And as I touched you for the first time, I understood what God was telling me.

My uterus had started to tear open with you inside. Thank our Heavenly Father above that you were safe and I was safe. But it was no longer safe for me to have any more children.

So I cried and cried and was so grateful that I got to have one more and I got to have you. And I got to be here to raise you.

Our last dear little munchkin to fill our souls with the joy and love and laughter of a newborn.

When I got light headed, Daddy let the nurse take you away and weigh you. Even at only 38 weeks, you weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce! And the doctors and nurses said you were so strong!

Then Daddy held you nearby so I could see you while I focused on my breathing. It was hard while I had a mask on and was still crying. :)

But I managed to take a few pictures of you and Daddy. Two of my favorite boys on Earth!

Eventually, we were settled back in our room and I was hooked up to so many wonderful inventions that made sure I was healthy and recovering well.

We introduced you to your siblings, Grandma and Aunt Elise back at home who wished they were allowed to visit the hospital.

“Awww!!! Hi, Baby!!! You’re soooo cute, Baby!!!!”

They asked what your name was but we didn’t know.

Then we held you some more. And marveled at your full head of beautiful hair!

And I happily obliged when the nurses rehearsed all the benefits of skin to skin contact. I’d learned to love it with your older sister and snuggled you close.

I let your dad hold you a little when I got to eat for the first time that day…

… But then I wanted you back right away.

And as the sun set on your birthday and our room grew dark, I held you near and closed my eyes along with you; falling asleep with a smile as I listened to your sweet newborn humming.

“Welcome to our family,” I whispered. “We’re so glad you’re here.”

Sir Sweetness

May 3rd, 2021

He’s so small, he fits in one arm; yet he’s so big, he fills my whole heart and soul to bursting.

He’s an adorable magnet of love and cuteness that takes hold and never lets you go.

Which is fine with me, because I never want him to let go. He’s my dear Sir Sweetness. ❤️

A few weeks ago… (By Sir Potatoes)

March 28th, 2021

Testing, testing… Well, look at that! It’s me and Boots!

Now wait a second… Boots, are you giving me bunny ears?

[What? Me? No way! You must be seeing things with your crazy eyes there.]

Ok, everyone. Are you ready? Today is super special and we don’t want to mess this up.

[We’re ready, Potatoes!]

Ok. One, two, three…


*More cheese!*

Ha, ha! Ok, Mom, I’ve got the camera all warmed up and ready for you!

[Thank you, Potatoes! Places, everyone!]

Sure thing, Mom!

Ta-dah! It’s our whole faminy!!

Aww. Look at us all! Spit shined and all ready for our turn at church during COVID-19. *Sigh* There’s only one thing that could make this better. Do you know what it is? 🥰 I’ll give you some hints…

He’s 38 weeks old, sitting all comfy and breech, and giving Mommy contractions like nobody’s bidness. He’s also a powerful magnet for our hands and we love to find his head and feel his huge kicks and jabs. AND! The doctor is going to take him out in just two days!!!

He’s our new baby brother!!!

Aww… We just can’t wait to meet him.

And I’ll bet when he comes out, he’s going to make…

… The Bubbers King look every inch of being a teenager who’s almost as tall as his mom! (Though it makes him sad and excited at the same time. He wants to tower over Mommy, and yet he doesn’t… Isn’t growing up confusing?)

Baby brother will also make…

… Mommy shake her head in wonder that Sir Boots is old enough to have the Priesthood and pass the sacrament at church. It just swells her heart to the brim to watch him and she’ll get to again today!

And of course…

… Mommy can’t believe I’m old enough to hold and rock my baby brother like a champ! (Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was rocking ME to sleep every night for hours while watching Larkrise to Candleford on her phone? That was almost 10 years ago? Holy cow…)

But for sure…

… This little guy is still little. (Wait. Joo-Jee’s getting baptized this year? And he’s reading up a storm and totally holds his own in wrestling matches with his older brothers? That can’t be right.)

Then just maybe…

… Mommy’s little Princess won’t look like a giant after Mommy brings home her new baby. Because she remembers VERY well when this girl couldn’t sing and dance and twirl all day long.

Man. I guess it’s true, Mom.

We’ve really grown up! And honestly? It’s amazing!

And just think… We get to help one more tiny son of Heavenly Father’s learn all about this beautiful world, his miraculous new body and the roadmap back home.

[Yes, we do, Potatoes! And there’s nothing in the world more incredible than that.]

That’s true. Thanks, Mom and Dad! ❤️

Love, Sir Potatoes

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