Diaper Hockey! (by the Bubbers King)

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Ha, ha! Guess what, everyone! I invented a new game!! You want to know how to play it??…


Okay, first off, you toss the hockey puck (aka: your little brother’s stinky diaper!) into play.  Personally, I like to just toss the puck over the railing and see where it lands.


Then!  Get your hockey stick and jump in!


I like to play doubles with my Daddy.


But when the play gets serious, Daddy goes solo!


Check out how he pulls the puck in nice and easy.


… And lines up for a straight shot.


He shoots!!


He scores!!!!!


The crowd goes wild and Daddy scores one for the team!!!  Way to go, Daddy!!!

Is the Bubbers Monster gone for good??

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Behold: my little Bubbers King.

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These pictures are from last month–when he was 29 months old.

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Where on earth has the time gone??

And where on earth has the randomly destructive Bubbers Monster gone??!??!

It used to be that when I stepped out of the shower, I got this look:

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“What?   It wasn’t me.  I swear it wasn’t me.”

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Really?  This wasn’t you?

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“Uh….. So maybe it was me.”

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*Giggle, giggle*

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*Hee, hee, hee*

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“Yep, it was me all right.”

And the minute I opened the bathroom door, he was off on some new random adventure.

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Like hanging out under a bedside table.

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“Hi, Mommy!”

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“I’m hiding!”

This was what I was used to.  This was typical.

Now fast forward about 11 months.

Now when I step out of the shower, I get this look:

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“Yo.  What’s up?”

Holy smokes, Bubbers!!

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Did you build that all by yourself?!?

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“Yes!! It’s a temple!”

And then he winds up…..

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….. And whacks it.

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And then I realize that the destructive Bubbers Monster is still there.

And then I smile.  And heave a huge sigh of relief.

A Snapshot in Time: Newborn Snuggles

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(Picture by: Alycia)


  • Incredibly sweet and snuggly
  • Extremely happy and content
  • Surprisingly good at communicating his preferences in subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) ways (or maybe I’m better at understanding “newborn speech” this time around?)
  • Easygoing and predictable
  • Gentle and alert
  • Loving and easily comforted
  • Hearty appetite, champion at spitting up and sucking
  • Very strong and solid

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  • Birth:
    • Weight: 9 pounds, 6 ounces (90-95th %ile)
    • Height: 20.5 inches (50-65th %ile)
    • Head circumference: 15.25 inches (38.74 cm) (>97th %ile)
  • One week:
    • Weight: 9 pounds, 7 ounces (90th %ile)
    • Height: 21.5 inches (90th %ile)
    • Head circumference: 38 cm (80th %ile)
  • One month:
    • Weight: 11 pounds, 14 ounces (95th %ile) (Holy toledo!  Way bigger than we expected!)
    • Height: 22.25 inches (75th %ile)
    • Head circumference: 39 cm (75th %ile)
  • Two months:
    • Weight: 14 pounds, 10 ounces (97th %ile) (Holy guacamole!!  Way, way bigger than we expected!!)
    • Height: 24.5 inches (95th %ile)
    • Head circumference: 42 cm (90th %ile)

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New Developments:

  • First smile ever!!! (at one month, three days old)
  • Many, many, many smiles every day after that!!
  • Cooing and gooing and melting all our hearts!
  • Staring at and tracking his right fist (at 2 months, 6 days old)
  • Sucking his right thumb (at 2 months, 9 days old)
  • Laughing!!! (starting in earnest at 2 months, 11 days old)

What he’s doing right now:

  • Sleeping soundly in his crib upstairs; wearing a blue and white onesie and swaddled in his blue swaddle blanket with his blackout drapes closed and the overhead fan running

Teeth watch:

  • None

What he’s wearing:

  • Clothes:
    • Newborn (for his first week of life)
    • 0-3 months (for the next month of life)
    • 3-6 months (currently)
  • Diapers:
    • Newborn (for his first week of life)
    • Size 1 (for his next two weeks of life)
    • Size 2 (from one month on; currently)

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How he’s sleeping:

  • He’s a fantastic sleeper
  • During his first month of life:
    • Slept through the night from day one
    • Slept 4-8 hour stretches at night from day one
  • During his second month of life:
    • Currently sleeps 9-12 hour stretches at night
    • Sleeps approximately 17-19 total hours a day

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Falling asleep:

  • At night: falls asleep on his own in his crib
  • During the day: prefers to be swaddled and held in the nursing position while having his back lightly patted and sucking on a binky to fall asleep -OR- being in “the pouch” while sucking on a binky and having his back lightly patted as I walk around

Bedtime Routine:

  • Accompany us as we go through Bubbers’ bedtime routine and say our night family prayer
  • Say goodnight to his big brother by laying on him, getting a kiss and singing songs
  • Move to his own room and nurse, get a diaper change and then another burping/spitting up session
  • Get no-scratch mittens put on and be swaddled
  • Get placed in his bed and sung to
  • Either fall asleep on own, or get patted/binked/rocked as needed

His Favorites:

  • Being held!!!!!
  • “Talking” to us with coos and goos and silently articulating lips while earnestly looking at us with those big, bright blue eyes of his
  • Being in “the pouch”

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  • When his brother talks to him
  • Sucking (on binkies, arms, fists, thumbs, etc.)

His Not-So-Favorites:

  • The dreaded car seat (or at least, being tired and not able to fall asleep in the dreaded car seat)
  • Cold things touching his skin (baby wipes were not okay at first, but, fortunately, he adjusted to those quickly)
  • Not being held when he wants to fall asleep during the day

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Bubbers’ Favorites:

  • Walking into a room and finding his brother there and awake!!
  • Giving Snuggles his pacifier when he fusses (and sometimes when he isn’t fussing)

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  • Showing his brother his toys and telling Snuggles about them
  • “Covering him up” with blankets (with firm reminders by Mommy that we only cover his feet–not his face)
  • Saying “Hi!!!” to his brother
  • Showing his brother funny things he makes up (like silly make-believe words combined with foot movements and kicks)

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  • Holding his brother while giggling and squealing and exclaiming, “I’m holding Snuggles!!!”
  • Giggling up a storm when Snuggles “says goodnight” to Bubbers by being placed on top of Bubbers in his crib (by his funny Daddy)
  • Running upstairs with me and calling out “We’re coming!  We’re coming, Snuggles!!” when we hear him wake up
  • Telling me, “Snuggles said, “Goooo!”” and giving a perfect imitation!
  • When we’re all together as a “faminy” (family)

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  • Just being with his brother!

Bubbers’ Not-So-Favorites:

  • Seeing his little brother get his first two immunization shots

Things He’s Looking Forward to:

  • The next time he wakes up! :)
  • Playing with him more

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Daddy’s Favorites:

  • His laugh
  • When he almost sneezes but doesn’t
  • His Sir Snuggly-ness
  • His chubby rolls
  • His big head
  • His love affair with his thumb
  • His smile
  • His smile when he first sees me
  • Him

Daddy’s Not-So-Favorites:

  • Explosions
  • Leakage
  • Fluids
  • Spit-up
  • The mess
  • His startled cry when he’s placed on a cold surface (cold defined as any amount less than his body temperature)

Things He’s Looking Forward to:

  • More of him

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Mommy’s Favorites:

  • Holding him while he sleeps (and sleeping myself, when possible)
  • “Talking” to me!  (He made me cry the first few times he did it, because he was so incredibly sweet and cute!)
  • Nursing him
  • His fantastic smiles!
  • His delightful laughs!
  • His beautiful eyes
  • His coughs
  • His sneezes
  • His almost-sneezes that turn into the sweetest “ah-oooo”
  • What a dream baby he is
  • How he emanates sweetness from his open, happy face
  • How eagerly and easily I savor each moment with him, because I’m not as uptight and inexperienced as I was with Bubbers, and because I know these stages move quickly; so I happily indulge myself without any guilt trips
  • How much I miss him when he’s asleep in his room
  • How excited I am to hold him when he wakes up

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  • How much he looooooves to sleep in my arms
  • The squeaky sound he makes when sleepily sucking his pacifier at night in his crib
  • How he immediately relaxes when I put him in “the pouch” and then melts into me when he falls asleep
  • How he looks like Han Solo frozen in carbonite when I take him out of “the pouch” when he’s still asleep
  • When I open the door to his room and he immediately stops crying and greets me with a big smile and sweet coos
  • His big stretches when he wakes up and I undo his swaddle or after he’s done nursing
  • The feel and smell of his soft, sleeping breath
  • When he smiles and/or laughs in his sleep
  • That he never cries when we bathe him, change his diaper or his clothes
  • How much he loves to be with me
  • How well I understand him and what he wants
  • How much he likes our routines
  • Kissing his chubby cheeks and pinching all the chub on his whole body
  • Passing him back and forth with Daddy over the dinner table or during bedtime routines as we manage affairs :)
  • The smell of spit-up (because it reminds me of him and of Bubbers when he was a baby)
  • Hugging him tight when he’s extra snuggly right after he wakes up in the morning
  • How much easier it is for me to know how to care for a baby the second time around and how much more confident and easygoing I am about it

Mommy’s Not-So-Favorites:

  • When he suddenly shrieks if something cold touches him
  • When gas bubbles wake him up and give him pain :(
  • At first, not being able to focus 100% of my attention on him all day long like I had been able to at the hospital and how I did with Bubbers when he was a baby.  Then I felt guilty that neither Snuggles nor Bubbers got 100% 1:1 time with me.  But over time I adapted to the new status quo and now I’m happy and content. :)
  • One unexpected day after coming home from the hospital when I had the feeling come over me that Bubbers was a threat to baby Snuggles and I had to protect the baby from him.  I had irrational thoughts that Bubbers had malicious intentions toward the baby and I saw everything that Bubbers did in that light.  But it wasn’t true at all and I was shocked by the strength of the feeling.  I hated feeling that way toward my dear Bubbers, but couldn’t make it go away.  Fortunately, the feeling soon subsided on its own and I felt like myself again and was able to see Bubbers and his kind intentions in their true light again.  It was very, very strange.
  • When he’s crying and I can’t get to him right away

Things I’m Looking Forward to:

  • Continuing to savor each and every moment