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Twitter Updates for 2011-09-13

September 13th, 2011

  • While listening to Aladdin… "What would YOU wish for, Boots?" I asked him w/ a smile. He smiled back at me, then answered, "Ali Ababwa." #
  • "You want to be Ali Ababwa?" Brother asked for clarification. "Yeah," Boots said. :) #
  • "What would YOU wish for, Brother?" I asked him in turn. "To be a tyrannosaurus rex. Or a spitting dinosaur," he told me w/ shining eyes. #
  • "But most of all, to be a tyrannosaurus rex," Brother concluded. :) #
  • "I'm sorry, Mommy. I'll make you feel better. I'll sing you 'One Jump'," Brother said. I was on the verge of tears after… #
  • …A difficult morning & whacking my elbow was the last straw. With his sweet words, the flood gates closed & I laughed instead. Thank you! #
  • *Deep breath, hold & release* I've been awake for 4-and-a-half hours & I'm finally able to sit, breathe & eat breakfast. It feels good. #
  • Poor Baby. He isn't sleeping well & I'm wondering if it's because he's not feeling well. #
  • I called Verizonwireless to block text messages on my phone & they were so great we're troubleshooting issues I forgot about. Hope it helps! #
  • The tech support lady asked me to uninstall the official Twitter app & install Tweetcaster instead. Supposed to help Youtube work. Strange. #
  • Wow. Verizonwireless is so thorough. They even call back a minute later with a very precise satisfaction survey! Thankfully… #
  • … The boys were very good and patient when my 5 minute call turned into 60 minutes! :-o #
  • I wish I could activate a protective force field around the baby whenever & wherever I have to put him down. #
  • Hmm. I want to change Baby before his diaper leaks, but not before he's done going… I think I'll eat lunch first & then decide. :) #
  • Doh! Waited too long & he leaked. Happens every time. #
  • Oh, normal energy levels– how I love thee!! #
  • Just changed my clothes for the third time today. Crazy weather– can't decide if it's going to be cold or warm. #
  • I could get lost in Baby's eyes. #
  • "Yum, YUM!" Brother exclaimed with eager anticipation as he reached for my plate of toast slathered with peanut butter and jam… #
  • … "Sorry, Brother," I laughed softly, "That's for me." He looked at me in confusion & disbelief, even though he hadn't requested toast… #
  • … I chuckled again & said, "Finish your string cheese and then you can have some." He smiled and got chomping. What a cutie. #
  • Just got off the phone with my physical therapist… She said my hip pain from our hike is most likely bursitis. #
  • Oh!! Baby is really jumping in the jumper for the first time!! He's smiling and moving all around– he is so cute!! #
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Twitter Updates for 2011-09-12

September 12th, 2011

  • Overheard from Boots & Charming: "Mommy! Mommy!" "I'm Daddy." [Pause] "Daddy! Daddy!" #
  • We are having the most glorious weather! I love it. #
  • What would I do w/out prayer? I asked for help to know why I have been so tired… And the thought came that I needed to look at my iron. #
  • … I'm anemic & I realized I needed to change when I take my iron pills. I never would have thought of that on my own. Thank you!!! #
  • Skippy & Spikey. Those are Brother's new pets. A plastic t-rex & euoplocephalus. He tucked them in to bed on the couch last night. :) #
  • "I love you," Brother just said as he walked into the bathroom where I'm getting ready. Aww. "I love you, too!" I smiled affectionately. #
  • Gearing up for Cub Scouts to start this week! I've been moved up from the Bears to the Webelos, so I'm excited to learn a new program. #
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Twitter Updates for 2011-09-11

September 11th, 2011

  • Had a great time at a playdate with friends yesterday! #
  • I am loving this perfect temperatures and light breezes weather! #
  • Watched "Tangled" last night with my love. So fun! #
  • Wow. Baby has been asleep for 13 hours now!… #
  • "Danks, Donald Duck," Boots said when I washed him up, hugged him and helped him down after breakfast. :) #
  • Ouch! Boots just whacked me in the face with a plastic golf club. I don't think he meant to–he was flailing & trying to escape a timeout. #
  • Boots is totally cracking me up… He started articulating /b/ and /p/ as if they were fricatives just for fun. Never seen that before! :) #
  • Boots is breaking his bread into pieces and naming them, "Baby… Boots… Brother… Mommy… Daddy… Grandma…" Very, very cute! #
  • Boots scared me half to death! While eating a pretzel, he suddenly began jumping & it caused him to start choking! He looked at me… #
  • … With the most awful expression of panic, fear & helplessness in his dear eyes as his face turned red & began shaking… #
  • …Right as I knelt down to intervene, he coughed it up. Oh! What a prayer of thanks I breathed! Poor little guy! I'm so glad he's ok… #
  • … We both learned a lesson. From now on: All snacks will be eaten sitting down. Where excited little boys can't jump w/ full mouths. #
  • I love you, Boots! #
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Twitter Updates for 2011-09-10

September 10th, 2011

  • Picked blackberries last night with Brother before his bedtime. It was so fun to be with him & see his delight at being out at sunset. #
  • Brother & Boots are feasting on blackberries for breakfast. I love how much they love them. #
  • I dreamt about buying new knives last night. :) #
  • "Look at THIS one, Mommy!… This one's about to EXPLODE!… This one ALREADY ERUPTED!" Brother holds up plump blackberries one at a time. #
  • I love how beautiful & lush & green our new grass is. #
  • The boys are devouring the books I bought at the library last night. I love how much they love books! #
  • I baked last night's casserole in the grill. I think I'm getting the hang of it… 3 burners on low = 375°. And it takes longer to cook. #
  • "Do you still love me?" T-rex (Brother) asked. "I will ALWAYS love you!" I said. "Duck-bill, you're such a good Mommy," he smiled. Awww! #
  • "Mommy! I'm nakies!" Boots happily exclaimed sans shirt, displaying his adorably robust chest & abdomen from inside the timeout porta-crib. #
  • "Where's your shirt?" I asked w/wide eyes. "Viiiiight DERE!" Boots declared, proudly grabbing his shirt from the bottom of the porta-crib. #
  • Boots' leg rashes are a lot better! Yesterday he had 4 band-aids per thigh. Today he has 3 on one and just 1 on the other. #
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