Twitter Updates for 2011-09-10

  • Picked blackberries last night with Brother before his bedtime. It was so fun to be with him & see his delight at being out at sunset. #
  • Brother & Boots are feasting on blackberries for breakfast. I love how much they love them. #
  • I dreamt about buying new knives last night. :) #
  • "Look at THIS one, Mommy!… This one's about to EXPLODE!… This one ALREADY ERUPTED!" Brother holds up plump blackberries one at a time. #
  • I love how beautiful & lush & green our new grass is. #
  • The boys are devouring the books I bought at the library last night. I love how much they love books! #
  • I baked last night's casserole in the grill. I think I'm getting the hang of it… 3 burners on low = 375°. And it takes longer to cook. #
  • "Do you still love me?" T-rex (Brother) asked. "I will ALWAYS love you!" I said. "Duck-bill, you're such a good Mommy," he smiled. Awww! #
  • "Mommy! I'm nakies!" Boots happily exclaimed sans shirt, displaying his adorably robust chest & abdomen from inside the timeout porta-crib. #
  • "Where's your shirt?" I asked w/wide eyes. "Viiiiight DERE!" Boots declared, proudly grabbing his shirt from the bottom of the porta-crib. #
  • Boots' leg rashes are a lot better! Yesterday he had 4 band-aids per thigh. Today he has 3 on one and just 1 on the other. #
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