Christmas sweaters (by Sir Snuggles and the Bubbers King)


Holy smokes, Mommy did it!

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What? What did she do?


She finally got pictures of us in our Christmas sweaters that she liked!

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Oh! I’m so glad! I know that means a lot to her.


Merry Christmas, Mommy!

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Yes, Merry Christmas, Mommy!

[Oh, thank you, boys! Thank you for cooperating and thank you, Daddy, for your patient help on three consecutive Sundays!] :)

Getting serious (by the Bubbers King and Sir Snuggles)

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“Oh! They’re here! Are you ready, Snuggles?”

“Uh… I guess so. But I’m a little nervous…..”

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“Oh, don’t be nervous! Just pretend all their computers are in their pajamas.”

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*Hee, hee, hee!!*

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“That gets me every time!!!”

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“Hey, there you go, Snuggles! That’s more like it! Okay, let’s go…..”

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“Hi everyone! You may have been wondering where on earth we’ve been for the last week and we’re here to tell you! Right, Snuggles?”

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“Right, Bubbers.”

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“You see, our Mommy’s been really busy getting herself organized and prepared to start home school with Bubbers before she goes back to Cub Scouts and working at night.”

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“Can you believe that?  I can’t wait!  Here’s a taste of what she’s been planning…..”

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“Daddy’s going to keep teaching me Spanish…..”

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“….. But with easier books.”

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“And he’s going to keep teaching me to swim.”

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“And Mommy’s going to teach me math.”

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(“Ha! I forgot I did that a long time ago. I’m so funny!”)

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“Oh! And she’s going to teach me how to read.”

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“As well as developmentally appropriate writing (since I’m still only 2 years old). (This is what’s been taking her a really long time to do and she’s still not finished, yet!)”

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“And, of course, lots of work on narratives and vocabulary with our large rotating supply of library books.  (Along with weekly story time at the library and earning free books by reading a lot).”

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“Oh!  And she’s also started getting recorded books, to see if I like them, too.”

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“We’ll also keep our social skills sharp with weekly play dates, play groups and nursery at church…..  Oh!  And that reminds me of the most important thing I’ll ever learn!…..”

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“We’ll also keep having religious instruction about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ by reading the scriptures every day and having Family Home Evening every week.  And we’re going to try hard to do what Jesus taught and share our love by visiting our local nursing home for dinner twice a month.  (They can’t wait to meet Snuggles!)”

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“Phew!  That’s a lot…..  Did I miss anything, Snuggles?”

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“Yes!  Don’t forget, Bubbers! We’ll also have lots and lots of free play time to develop our cognitive skills …..”

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“….. And so we can just plain laugh and have a lot of fun together!”

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“Oh, that’s right!  That’s really important, thanks for reminding me, Snuggles!”

“And there’s one more thing Mommy wanted us to tell them…..  Don’t forget about her checklist.”

“Oh, yes!!  Thank you, Snuggles! …..”

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“Mommy also made herself a visual checklist.”

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“So she can plan out what she wants to do each day and then won’t forget what those things are …..”

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“…..  And whether or not she’s done them.”

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“And this one is really important.   It’s when she’s going to stop doing stuff at night, clean up and then get ready for bed.  She says it’s really important that she get more sleep at night, so her cranky pants don’t show up anymore.  And that’s another reason why things are more quiet around here.  She’s sorry she doesn’t have time for everything, but she hopes you understand and that you’re glad she’s not a cranky pants anymore.”

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“Well!  That’s it!  We hope you’re all doing well and we’ll see you again soon.”

“Bye, bye!!”