A Picnic and Farewell (by the Bubbers King)

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Okay, Flat Stanley, it’s time for our picnic!!

Are you ready?

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“Um, I think so….. Will I be getting buried again?”

Ha, ha!

No, don’t worry, I never bury anyone during picnics.

First off…..

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….. We start with drinks!

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How was that?  Did you like it?

“Oh, yes, Bubbers, thank you!”


Now we have…..

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….. A piece of watermelon!

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[And deliciously chubby Wooga fingers– Yum!!]

“Oh, thank you, Bubbers!  That was very good.”

You’re welcome!  I’m so glad you liked it!

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Well, that’s it for our picnic!

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Now it’s time to say, “Farewell!” and mail Flat Stanley to a family member in another state.

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Bye, bye, Stanley!

Thank you for coming to our house and being such a great friend and playmate!

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And thank you everyone, for reading about our adventures together!

I hope you enjoyed them!


The Bubbers King

Stanley and the Pinto Beans (a play-by-play)

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Okay, Flat Stanley!

Now that your arm is fixed, it’s time for….. pinto beans!!

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So down you go!

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Into the bucket.

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“Uh….. are you sure about this Bubbers?”

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Oh yes!


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Ha!  What’d you think of that?!?

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He said he loves it!

And wants to know what happens now!

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Ready, Stanley?!?

One, two, fee!!

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Don’t worry everyone, Stanley only feels a tiny bit squished.

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Hee, hee, hee!

Come on, Mom– not the armpits!

Hee, hee, hee!

To be continued…..

Holy smokes! (by the Bubbers King)

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Look what I found!!

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He was in my luggage and Mommy says my cousin Conner made him and his name is Flat Stanley.

She also said he’s here to play with us until we send him to another house.

But we need to be very gentle with him.

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So I was very careful as we read my Winnie the Pooh flap book together.

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And I was very careful when I showed him the view outside my window as we flew home.

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(Ahh.  Hello beautiful mountain!  We missed you!)

After we got home, I wanted to play with Flat Stanley some more, but somehow…..

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….. His arm was broken!!

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Oh no!  Poor Stanley!!

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We better fix it!

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Luckily, Mommy can fix anything with a bandaid.

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See?!  All better!  Okay, Stanley, now we’re ready to play!!

To be continued…..

The Stowaway (by Flat Stanley)

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My name is Flat Stanley and this is my friend, Conner.

Conner made me for a school project based off the book Flat Stanley.

I am supposed to visit different houses and states, so Conner asked his Mommy if I could go home with his Aunt Heidi and Cousin Bubbers after they were done visiting us.

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So before I knew it, I was a stowaway in Bubbers’ luggage on my way through airport security.

Now, I have to say, I was a little nervous about going with them.

Because three years ago, Conner’s older sister made me and I got sent to Heidi and Charming’s house…..

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….. And they stuck me in a vent.

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And a CD player.

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Which you really wouldn’t expect from such normal looking people.

But deep down…..

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….. They’re loons.

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And they tried to bite my head off.

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But I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, because they did take me to Canada while they celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary.

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And showed me some beautiful gardens.

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And tried to sell me as a postcard.

But hey!

That was a long time ago, so maybe things have changed.

Maybe they’ve amended the lunacy of their ways.

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All I can do now is wait and see…..

To be continued…..