A Picnic and Farewell (by the Bubbers King)

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Okay, Flat Stanley, it’s time for our picnic!!

Are you ready?

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“Um, I think so….. Will I be getting buried again?”

Ha, ha!

No, don’t worry, I never bury anyone during picnics.

First off…..

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….. We start with drinks!

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How was that?  Did you like it?

“Oh, yes, Bubbers, thank you!”


Now we have…..

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….. A piece of watermelon!

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[And deliciously chubby Wooga fingers– Yum!!]

“Oh, thank you, Bubbers!  That was very good.”

You’re welcome!  I’m so glad you liked it!

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Well, that’s it for our picnic!

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Now it’s time to say, “Farewell!” and mail Flat Stanley to a family member in another state.

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Bye, bye, Stanley!

Thank you for coming to our house and being such a great friend and playmate!

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And thank you everyone, for reading about our adventures together!

I hope you enjoyed them!


The Bubbers King

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  1. Bye Stanley! :) Such a cute picnic the two of them were having! I especially love his puckered-up face for the kiss goodbye! ;)

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