His Blessing Day

Our precious Sir Baby was blessed at church two weeks ago, on October 9th. My parents and sister came from California and Charming’s parents came from their summer home in Utah. Sweet Baby charmed them all and it was wonderful setting a day apart for celebrating him.

Words will never describe what a profound gift he is. Our family cherishes and loves this little boy with all our hearts. Thank you, Baby, for coming to our home. I am honored to be your mother.

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His First Day of Nursery at Church!

photo finished

He did awesome– grabbed my finger and pulled me right over to the toys and other kids!  I wanted to stay with him, but soon saw that it would really be for my own benefit and not his…  So I finally left and he did fantastic!

I, on the other hand, missed him terribly and felt lost and aimless for the rest of church, counting down the minutes until it was over and I could go get him again!  Thank goodness I get to sub in nursery for the next two weeks so I can be with him and see him in his new environment.   I can’t wait!

I can’t believe he’s 18 months old already…  Where did my baby go? He’s turned into a little man over night!

p.s. In other news… Bubbers is going up to Sunbeams next year.  Ahhh!!!   His senior nursery class is already visiting the Primary’s singing time and today I snuck in to watch him.  He was so cute!!!  I just smiled the whole time.  (And it helped take my mind off missing his little brother).   I tell you what, these two boys are just growing and growing…

Loving the creative mayhem


  1. Scooters is tearing recklessly around the house
  2. Wearing an empty laundry basket
  3. And loving it
  4. Bubbers is scaling the couch
  5. Trying to escape the toe-crushing bumpers of Scooters’ walker
  6. And loving it
  7. I am straightening up the remnants of fun
  8. Watching the typical yet creatively unique mayhem
  9. And loving it
  10. Charming is taking a picture of it all
  11. Smiling from ear to ear
  12. And loving it