Twitter Updates for 2011-08-27

  • "Mommy, I'm wake up!" Boots told me. "Did you wake up?" I repeated. "Uh-yeah," he confirmed. #
  • Brother is sitting on the couch snuggled in a blanket & giggling as he reads a new Sesame Street book I bought @ the library last night. :) #
  • Boots LOVED playing chase in the backyard w/ Mommy & Brother. We pretended to be Aladdin thieves & guards. I got put in the playhouse jail. #
  • Sweet, adorable, can't-get-enough-of-him, vocalizing Baby: "Ow! Ah-goo! Aiee! Gghoo! Ahyee! Ow-gghee! Ah-gghoo!" #
  • I believe in "survival of the fittest" gardening & landscaping. Only those plants who survive w/out watering or weeding are welcome to stay. #
  • Baby had his first homeschool lessons today. :) He was so cute! And by the end he was so worn out, he went back to bed. #
  • Brother read his two pages for homeschool to me this morning as I watered our grass seeds in the backyard. :) #
  • I cry every afternoon over a cup of milk & Costco cookies. I love the Ensign. :) #
  • Did homeschool storytime with Boots (& Brother) this afternoon. He had his very first "writing" lesson & did the letter "A"– he loved it! #
  • "Ghee! Oww. Ah-ghoo. Ah-gah!" I could happily listen to Baby & bask in his smiles all day long. #
  • "Mommy, who do you want to pretend to be?" Brothers' favorite question. :) #
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