Twitter Updates for 2011-08-23

  • Brother, talking about how much he wants dinosaurs to be alive right now, "How did their HUGE spirits go up to heaven?"… #
  • "How will the dinosaurs be able to fit in heaven, if it was made small enough for people & big enough for dinosaurs? I don't know this."… #
  • "I don't know how this works… This is all craziness, Mom!… Will you tell me a story about volcanoes?" #
  • Boots vehemently requested a "blueblewy! blueblewy!" Nutri-grain bar to eat while I did my pelvic & core muscle exercises. :-) #
  • "I'm dong! Daddy dong!" Boots told me as he hefted a big stack of books downstairs. "Wow! You ARE strong! And Daddy's strong, too!" #
  • "Boot laughing!" Boots declared with an excited smile as he watched "Huey, Dewey & Louie" cartoons with the crazy antics of Donald Duck. #
  • I loved how well our grass seed is growing out front that I planted more out back! #
  • I can hear Baby is awake & talking to himself on the monitor. I can't wait to go be with my happy, happy baby. It always lifts my spirits! #
  • Ah… It rained today. I've missed the rain. :) #
  • Holy tough. My husband punctured his own swollen & bruised thumb nail w/ a red hot needle & paper clip to drain the blood. Multiple times. #
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