Twitter Updates for 2011-08-22

August 22nd, 2011

  • Brother & Boots got to pet an alligator, snake, lizard & a turtle at the LIBRARY yesterday. :) A reptile man was visiting & they loved it! #
  • Went to a friends' birthday party last night– so fun! There was a friend for each of us– even a little boy in utero for Sir Baby! :) #
  • Baby has a new pitifully sad, high pitched cry when he's really tired and I put him to bed. He pouts at the same time & it just kills me! #
  • Just had a great talk with my Mom & Dad. I love talking with them. Today was their 43rd wedding anniversary! How awesome. #
  • Poor Charming smashed his thumb really badly trying to fix a window at church. :( Feel better soon, Love!! #
  • Boy howdy. Between my eye smack, my foot sprain & Charming's thumb smash– we've had a rough week. We need a lot more flexible ice packs!! #

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