There’s a new monster in town…

P1120301 black

No, this is not the handy work of the Bubbers Monster as seen in days gone by.

This, my friends, is the handy work of a new monster in town…

P1120496 black


P1120492 black

Oh sure, he looks innocent.

P1120491 black

And sweet.

P1120487 black

And entirely mirthful.

P1120301 black

But do not be fooled!

The Scooters Monster is real.  And destructive.

Therefore, he deserves to be punished.

And there is but one fitting punishment for a crime of this magnitude…

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1 thought on “There’s a new monster in town…

  1. I can’t imagine Scooters messing with the toilet paper, he looks completely innocent and adorable….
    but then so did his mother many years ago when she attacked the toilet paper in her walker.

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