Poor little guy…


This is his new least favorite pastime.

p.s.  Bubbers never did this when he was a babe…  Is there any way to prevent it??  Or is it one of those things he just has to learn not to do?…  Poor little Scooters. :(

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8 thoughts on “Poor little guy…

  1. JOsh did that all the time; he’d wake up crying because his feet were caught in the morning. We’d just try to pull up the bumpers all around so it was harder to get stuck, but I see you don’t have those, so don’t know what to tell ya!

  2. Can Scooters roll over? Bumpers are advised against, because baby can roll up against them and suffocate, but if he’s strong enough to pull away from the bumpers, then he should be fine I think…

    For my kids, I think they just had to learn not to do it!

  3. Sam used to do that all the time too! My ped. said it’s okay to use a thin bumper after the baby has learned to roll over both ways. We never bothered with Sam though and it seemed like he grew out of it pretty quickly.

  4. I always used bumper pads to prevent this and never had a problem. He is big enough and strong enough that he shouldn’t have a problem with bumper pads.

  5. Luke got stuck all the time. We used one of those breathable bumpers like in the link above, and it worked great! and I could get it really tight and snug because of the velcro. And it took him a full year to figure out how to pull on the bumper hard enough to get the velcro undone!

  6. Oh, and if he stands on the bumper it would just smash down so theres no danger of helping him climb out or anything. I would have waited til Luke grew out of that phase, but his poor little legs were getting bruises :(

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