Potty Training: Day 4 (by Sir Snuggles)

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Oh man, this is going to taste sooooo good…..

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Uh–whoops!  You weren’t supposed to see that.

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Now wait just a minute….. There was something I was supposed to tell you….. Oh, yeah!

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Hi, Everyone! Sir Snuggles here to give you the latest update on my big brother.

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He did awesome today. He didn’t have a single accident and then earned nine books for something…..

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And two books for something else. (Sorry! I can’t remember what it was, but Mommy does because this is her special way of taking data).

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Speaking of data, did you know that Mommy loves data?  It’s true.  She said that when she went to graduate school, she fell in love with data.   So now, whenever she’s trying to understand or figure out something, she takes data on it to help her.

Like after she gave birth to Bubbers, she was trying to figure out what his sleep habits were, so she posted Dr. Ferber’s sleep chart outside the nursery door and took data on every time Bubbers slept.   It was really, really helpful and she loved it so much that she still takes data on his sleep over 2 years later.

And now that I’m here, she takes data on my sleep, too.

And whenever someone sees her charts, they think she’s a little looney and ask what it is and why she does it.  She says it helps her see patterns, understand what’s really going on (not just what her inaccurate memory tells her) and then enables her to make informed decisions if she wants to change something with our schedule.

So, when she decided to potty train Bubbers, she used the book reward system and her blog to take data on each day so she can remember what happened, what she did, what was effective and what she learned so she can use it to help her the next time she’s potty training someone (like me!).

And so far, the data is looking really good (though probably boring to anyone else but my Mom–sorry!!)…..

Day One (started training after his nap):

6+ accidents (regrets using underpants to start with);  3 successes;  Jelly Bellies & books at high reinforcement ratios

Day Two:

3 accidents;  4 successes;  same reinforcement ratios;  introduced DVD player to encourage compliance in waiting for longer periods or in solitude

Day Three:

2.5 accidents (after putting on clothes too soon);  5 successes;  dry in morning and after “nap”;  same reinforcement ratios;  less DVD player

Day Four:

0 accidents;  9 + 1 successes;  dry in morning and after “nap”;  Jelly Bellies at lower reinforcement ratio; books at same reinforcement ratio;  faded out DVD player

Day Five:

plan for same Jelly Belly ratio, but lower book ratio; start transitioning back to clothes

Also, she quickly faded out the portable DVD player this morning (sorry, Goofy!) because Bubbers didn’t need it anymore and it was making him cranky.  She also scaled back the Jelly Bellies to only one for each success and nothing if he doesn’t produce.  (She’s grateful to have these tools to help her teach Bubbers quickly, but she feels relieved to fade them out as soon as possible).

And tomorrow, she’s also going to scale back the books to one for every two or three productions, since he’s doing so well and she wants to have at least a few of the original 65 books leftover to give us for Christmas.

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Phew!  Did you catch all that?  If not, that’s okay.

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Just know that my big brother is doing such a good job.

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And we’re all really proud of him!

(p.s.  These pictures were taken last month, before part of Mommy died).

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4 thoughts on “Potty Training: Day 4 (by Sir Snuggles)

  1. Yay Bubbers! (And a big YAY for Mommy!) ;) Potty training is tough for everyone involved, but it sounds like you’re having a lot of success! Congrats! Lizzy has been doing pretty well too, although I must admit I’ve not been nearly as structured about it as you have…But it’s so fun to see her progress and see how proud of herself she is. My favorite is when she runs to the bathroom and gets onto the potty all by herself – this is a time when that 2 yr old “I do it myself” attitude really comes in handy! ;)

  2. P.S. And I just love those pics of Sir Snuggles! Can’t believe how big he’s getting! And as always, I just love the captions you come up with and how perfectly they seem to fit his expressions. ;)

  3. Now I understand all of the charts! You’re getting a Master’s Degree in raising children. I’m sure you’ll get straight A’s as usual.

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