My new weakness

Uh-oh. I have a new weakness. A weakness for buying….. educational supplies.

Now, I already knew about my weakness for emergency flashlights and car tools, but I didn’t realize I had a weakness for educational supplies until this very morning…..

PICT0013 edited

And It all started with these babies.

I made them as part of a special program to teach Bubbers writing without the need for fine motor skills and I had finally finished them all….. Upper case on one side.

PICT0011 edited

And lower case on the other.

PICT0004 edited

And at the last minute, I decided to add these gals: digraphs.

PICT0008 edited

You see, I want his writing lessons to correspond with what he’s learning in his reading lessons, so I thought it would be useful to have these, too, for when he learns how to read digraphs.

Well, I’ve been working on making these (out of sadly neglected scrap booking supplies) for weeks and finally finished last night!  So this morning, I took them to Staples to get laminated and while I was waiting…..

PICT0005 (2) edited

I found the perfect roll of paper to use as a growth measurement chart to hang up and record the boys’ increasing height over the coming years.

Then (as I tried not to think about my dear little boys growing up and getting as tall as their father someday which would make me cry in the middle of Staples) I turned around and happened to see…..

PICT0021 edited

These wonderful beauties.

I stood.

And stared.

And slowly approached them.

As my mind literally exploded with all the teaching possibilities and beneficial characteristics embedded in that little container.

Because up until then, I hadn’t thought I could teach the Little Man how to spell until he knew how to write.

PICT0025 edited

But not now.

PICT0026 edited

Oh-ho!  Not now!

And the temptation to add spelling lessons to our reading and writing lessons completely overcame me.

PICT0003 (2) edited

So I bought two packs and excitedly relocated them to their new home.

Welcome, my little ones.

Welcome to our enchanted land of learning!!

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4 thoughts on “My new weakness

  1. If you’re going to have a weakness, education is a good one! (You forgot to put cameras and pictures on your list :-). That’s also a wonderful weakness!)

  2. I agree – what a good “weakness”! Bubbers is so lucky. ;) And those letters you made look great! Have fun! :)

  3. They had those letter tiles on pioneer womans homeschooling section a while back. I thought they looked pretty cool too, and considered getting some, even though I’m not homeschooling. But they’d probably just end up lost all over the house here.

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