Sorry about that title everyone.

PICT0004 edited

I’ve never done this before and it’s a lot harder than it looks…..

PICT0005 edited

And I’m trying to go fast, because my Mom doesn’t know I’m up here.

(She’s taking out the trash and I just know she’s getting suspicious and wondering why I’m being so quiet, so I’m making this real quick before she gets back—)

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Hi, Mom!

Isn’t this neat?

I didn’t know I could climb up here–did you???

PICT0003 edited

Hee, hee, hee….. Okay, I’m getting down now.

Bye, everyone!


The Bubbers Monster

8 thoughts on “‘asldkjfl’kskdjii'[‘

  1. That is so cute, and known very well… All of my kids have done this one time or another. My little one likes to do it when I am actually typing. Oh ya I forgot to tell you one little tid bit about my son… We call him Bubbers also, but like bubbers chubbers, or Bubbers Dale.. I thought that was great to find someone else who can relate to the name.. Love the pictures of the trees those are great. Thanks again for the relaxing moment!!!

  2. Precious! You have a budding blog author there! Amazing how fast they learn to climb, hey?

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