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Before I give you today’s delicious dose of Bubbers sweetness, I wanted to pass on a little tip I learned last night…..

One day down the road, you may find yourself wanting to sell your house and you may decide your bathroom could use some of it’s paint touched-up the day before it goes on the market.

If this ever happens to you, I want you to remember that Heidi strongly recommends grabbing the first can of paint you happen to find while rummaging through your garage during your son’s nap time.

And then (and this next step is very, very important) don’t even think twice about slopping a whole heap of it on the wall before you realize it doesn’t actually match the color of the wall.

After that, go get yourself a tall glass of lemonade, turn on some relaxing jazz music and settle in, because you’re going to be spending the next 43 hours of your life in that bathroom painting the whole thing….. :):)


Now, onto the delightful Bubbers king!!…..

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8 thoughts on “Tip For The Day

  1. Thank you, Alycia, you are so sweet!! I’ve only got half a wall left, which I should be able to finish now during Bubbers’ last nap for the day…

    But thank you so much for the offer, you are such a sweetheart!

    p.s. I love your new blog!!! You have the most beautiful, photogenic family!!

  2. oh no….my husband did that exact same thing except when I came home I had little dots here and there all over the house where he touched things up. (I just live in a small trailer so it didn’t take too long for him to fix it).

  3. Tearese: LOL!! You know me WAY too well… :) I actually thought about taking a picture when I realized what I’d done–but decided to forge ahead and paint rather than stop and take the time to get pictures. (Yes, quite atypical for me). :)

    Alycia: Thanks! I finished yesterday and we’re now officially done and ready to sell! (Well, we WERE done, until our agent told us we should paint the trim on the outside of the house, too. So, now Charming’s gearing up to do that–and I’ll try and help, too).

    Apple: Are you serious? Oh, how sweet of him to try and touch up for you, but too bad it was the wrong color! I’m glad it didn’t take long for him to fix. When I realized I had to paint the whole bathroom, it was the first time I found myself praying to thank Heavenly Father that our bathroom was so tiny. :):)

  4. I have SO done this. You have all my sympathy Heidi:) Glad you got it all fixed up – hope selling goes quickly & painlessly! And I’m in shock that you didn’t take a pic!!

  5. What is this I hear about you guys selling your house??? Email details PLEASE because I’m curious and also very nosey.

    Do you have plans to go far, far away??? Am in serious need of DETAILS!

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