A child prodigy

February 8th, 2008

PICT0107 cropped

Bubbers recently discovered our piano and is teaching us a thing or two about music and babies……

PICT0109 cropped

Like just how dexterous chubby little fingers are.

PICT0108 cropped

And how they can easily span at least 1/288 of an octave.

PICT0110 cropped

Honestly, he’s shown amazing talent with his lively rendition of Beethoven’s 124th Symphony “Pound, Pound, Pound!!!!” (in C# Minor).

PICT0113 cropped

And sometimes, if you catch him just right and he’s really into his performance…..

PICT0112 cropped

He’ll throw in some improv vocals that knock your socks right off!!

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Rick | 2/10/2008 9:08 pm

Amazing child – which side of the family does that come from?



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