The prude

Thank you, Pam and Tearese, for your kind support of me in the “Brouhaha” over at Pioneer Woman (and the others who haven’t commented, but have emailed their kind support).

I wasn’t planning on posting anything about it, but now that the dust has settled a bit, I feel more comfortable directly addressing it.

For those of you who don’t read Pioneer Woman, she’s been posting a series of chapters telling the story of how she met her husband, Marlboro Man, and their courtship.

As a fan of all things romantic and foofy, I have thoroughly enjoyed the romance and suspense (and laughter).

This last Tuesday, she posted her latest installment, which ended with Marlboro Man inviting her to spend the night at his place.

Tons of people commented that they she should go spend the night with him.

This was the moment of decision for me.

Should I comment that I hoped she didn’t? And that if the story continued to be, in my opinion, “too steamy”, that I would stop reading it?

I thought about not commenting at all and pretending I hadn’t read it and didn’t feel icky inside because I had.

But I couldn’t help myself.

I’ve been singing Pioneer Woman praises to strangers on the street with multiple references and links to her on my blog. So, I didn’t feel good about letting it slide by without saying where I stood on it, because I take my recommendations very seriously.

So, I did.

And boy did other people let me have it.

I had started a full-fledged “comment-war” (as my friend, Charlotte, called it).

Honestly, I was quite shocked at how harshly I was treated. I consider myself a gentle, sensitive soul, and have been blessed to be treated with love and respect by my fellow human beings. So, I was completely unprepared for the “Brouhaha” that ensued.

By the end of it all, I’d been accused of so many things I had no idea where they were all coming from!

And the worst part of it all was I started to believe I’d said the things they were saying I’d said and wondered if I really was a terrible, no-good, judgmental horse-thief who needed to be strung up on the nearest tree.

Thank goodness for Charming and the others who said they agreed with me. That made me feel less alienated.

And thank goodness for modern prophets and scriptures.

Every time I started to doubt myself and wonder if what I’d done was right, I thought about the Family Proclamation.

I’ve been trying to memorize it and saying parts of it to myself was incredibly calming and reassuring.

Tuesday night, Charming looked at me and asked, “Do you regret your comment?”

I thought for a moment.

Did I regret it? I asked myself. Would I do it again, knowing what would happen?

Had it been emotionally trying for me? Yes.

Was it frustrating to have complete strangers judging me to be a bad person? Absolutely.

I looked back at Charming and answered honestly, “No, I don’t regret it.”

Thank you again for your kind support!

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7 thoughts on “The prude

  1. Wow Heidi! I just went and read the comments in the post you were talking about… I don’t think you were offensive at all! I’m surprised that people took offense. People are so easily offended these days and it’s ridiculous! Everyone has an opinion, and it’s okay that everyone’s opinion is different! It’s just frustrating when people can’t accept that other people have differing opinions. I don’t agree with other people’s opinions necessarily, but I accept that they have them, and that they are entitled to have them. You simply stated what yours was! I didn’t see you attacking the opinions of others like saying… “shame on you, you perverts, for wanting to know private details!” You simply said that you didn’t want to know! Good for you for standing up for what is moral and good.

    I’m proud to be a prude too!!! :)

  2. i totally agree with ailene! i don’t think it’s fair that people can express their opinions but then once someone says something they find offensive they complain about it. i think everyone is intitled to their own opinion. that’s what makes this a free country. i’m glad you stood up for what you believe in and if people don’t have nice things to say they just need to shut up! sorry, i get so sick of people who don’t give people the chance to speak their mind and just leave it at that. thank you for sharing your feeling about this!!! your awesome!

  3. Oh by the way… I just read in your “About Me” section that you were an SLP! That’s awesome! I didn’t know that! My son is currently in speech therapy once a week at The Little Red Schoolhouse.

  4. You are so much braver than me, I wouldn’t have dared to say anything (so I didn’t) on such a popular site.
    Your comment wasn’t offensive at all, you handled it well.

  5. No, your comment wasn’t offensive at all. The people who were offended by it are those who don’t see “the bigger picture”, and might need that gentle reminder that there is another way. Some people really don’t understand because they’ve never been taught. You’ve set a good example.

    Also, you bring up another good point. I too have been telling friends about the site, and when something like this happens, I cringe, thinking “uh oh, I didn’t know it would take this direction.” I feel responsible for directing others, and I really don’t want them to think that I condone the new turn of events. Awkward.

    I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!

  6. Your comment wasn’t offensive. But came across as slightly judgemental (even if infused with hope that she’d made a righteous choice).

    Having said that, I personally think Ree has enough sense to not give everything personal detail away in her next instalment. Some things are better left unsaid (including comments). She’s shown grace and restraint in other areas so that leads me to believe that she will with the next instalment.

    Perhaps it would have been better to email her privately on this type of issue.

    Just some thoughts I had, after having read through the comments on Ree’s site tonight. Take care;).

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts! You had some great points that I really appreciated.
    Welcome, Tiger Lamb Girl, and thanks for the comment!

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