Things we never would have done: Explored Our Trails

Our intrepid explorers!

I never thought our neck of the woods would become famous for housing the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in America.

I also never thought our state would be scrutinized for weeks by the whole country to see how a novel coronavirus pandemic plays out.

And that’s just the beginning of all the things I never thought! Who knew toilet paper and hand soap would disappear? And that homemade face masks are way more comfortable than disposable masks?

Also… there are an amazing amount of good things that came about for us. An entirely empty calendar that we had full power to build from scratch was relieving and exhilarating. It felt like a gift. Like a heavenly “factory reset” button had been pressed for our family. And as we’ve filled it, we’ve done things we never would have…

Like today, we disappeared into one of our neighborhood trails. (How are these so empty right now?? Not complaining, just thoroughly surprised…) And instead of keeping to the beaten path as we always had before, we walked off into the forest, hungry for new stimulus for our isolated brains.

And nature provided a rich bounty of healing and uplifting that I swear is a gift from our loving Father above.

Inspecting the most intricately decorated branches… Beautiful!
Daddy-daughter time! 🥰
Sticks! Always sticks!! 😂
The most bizarre examples of thriving amidst adversity! (How on Earth are those branches growing out of a dead hunk of wood??)
Climbing trees! A boy’s dream come true.
Artifacts from an ancient people!
Flowers for Mom! 😍
How do you even describe this?? Amazing…
More flowers for Mom! 😍
Ha! Making me laugh!
*Sigh* Ok. We can go back home now.