Our blossoms

Our little tree out front is blossoming and completely charmed me on my way home from physical therapy tonight. The sun was setting after a gloriously sunny day and my camera just sang my name. Thankfully, Edwin helped my back enough that I could go out and stand on tiptoe to capture a few gems.

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Cherry blossoms

A couple of days ago, I wondered when the cherry blossoms would bloom at my Alma mater. When I found out they were right at that very moment, I asked my husband if he was game for an early morning visit yesterday and he was! We took the boys down and enjoyed a perfectly lovely visit to one of the most romantic places I know. Now I just need to figure out how to include it in my novel.


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Sledding! (Kind of…)

Thank you for your comments, Desiree and Shawna. It’s always a challenge for me to balance my free time and I had convinced myself it was okay to neglect my blog while writing my novel or posting on FB. But now I feel like I’ve returned to a good friend that I had forgotten how much I liked. And it’s really fun. Thank you for being patient with me. I hope I never lose you great readers.

Here are a few pictures from some impromptu sledding a week or so ago. It had snowed and after all our chores and lessons were done, Brother exclaimed, “Let’s go sledding!” I took a breath and held up my finger, on the verge of saying ‘No,’ when I paused and thought, “Why not?” So we dug out the full snow gear, found the sled and pretended we really had some snow. :) It was a great time.

2013-01-14 11.34.13

Look! Mr. Moo is happy! Strangely it only lasted a couple minutes, but it was some darn cute couple minutes. Just check out that little wave. :)

2013-01-14 11.41.43

As soon as we reached the park next door, Boots was next in line for pulling! He was sure adorable and so puffy. I snapped this one in the spot with the most snow, does it look convincing?

2013-01-14 11.41.15

This is his spectacular ham-it-up for the camera smile. “Cheese!”

2013-01-14 11.44.28

Man, I love all these sunglasses! I can’t remember if they were being secret agents or Prep and Landing elves, but either way it was awesome. “We’re going sledding? Better get our sunglasses!” We’ve gotta get a third pair so Mr. Moo can join in the fun.

2013-01-14 11.45.14

Brother got the first pull down the tennis court hill. It wasn’t snowy enough for the sled to slide on its own. So I just hitched myself to the wagon and raced away! The whole time just grateful my body could handle something like that.

2013-01-14 11.45.29

After a while, Mr. Moo started mooing away in his spectating stroller. All on his own, Boots ran over and stood beside him for comfort. Those are the moments you never want to forget.

2013-01-14 11.50.05

The boys took turns pulling the sled back up and I marveled at how cute they looked just trucking up the side of a hill. (Lol, all the snow is gone from our sledding!)

2013-01-14 11.51.10

I knew Mr. Moo was getting close to his limit, so I declared it was time for doubles and did a few more pulls.

2013-01-14 11.51.21

Oh, how I wanted to get a triplet picture on that sled! But Mr. Moo blew a gasket when I had the gall to put him on there WITH HIS BROTHERS! Poor guy thought he had a monopoly on the sled and was sorely disappointed to have to share. (Pretty sure some teething or congestion pain had an influence there…)

2013-01-14 11.51.34

Boots cracked us up with a brief attempt at pulling Brother before we headed back home. Sorry, it’s harder than it looks. :)

Glorious fall

We’ve had some absolutely beautiful days this fall!  And last week one of those days happened to coincide with an hour when all three of my dear boys were awake at the same time.  So I hustled us outside as fast as I could (you know–as fast as you can with three little guys, last-minute diaper blow-outs, snacks, juices, coats, boots, etc., etc.) to enjoy it!

It was gorgeous and we had a wonderful time (well–Baby may have wanted to go back to bed even before we got out the door, but after all I went through getting everyone out, we weren’t turning back).  :)

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