Day 3: Meeting his brothers and sister!

On the way home from the hospital, Charming and I planned out everything!

First, he would push me to the house in my wheelchair and set me up on the couch.

Then he would get Sir Sweetness from the car and hand him to me.

Finally, our other children would nicely line up and quietly take turns meeting their new baby brother as Charming recorded it.

It was such a lovely plan.

And I have no idea what we were smoking when we thought it up.

Because as soon as we drove down the street, my five children, mother and sister poured from the house and into my lap!! (Even our wonderful neighbor came out and gave all of the children gifts!!)

And you know what? It was way better than our plan. :) Seeing them all bursting with exclamations of awe and squeals of joy was loud, overwhelming and adorable.

Welcome to the family, dear Sweetness.

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