Day 3: Ready to leave and name our new treasure!

Our time at the hospital was up. I had passed all of the medical hurdles for my recovery and Sir Sweetness had passed all of his.

Usually I’m still beyond exhausted and not ready to leave emotionally or physically, so I ask to stay another day and my OB approves it. But this time around, my bed at home was calling my name.

It was a new bed with an adjustable base that catered perfectly to my chronic joint pain and intense acid reflux. For the first time ever, I could sleep through my whole pregnancy and wasn’t already exhausted going into the hospital! (Oh, how I dreaded those endless nights of pain at the end of my pregnancy with Princess Shoo-Shee.)

In comparison, I just couldn’t sleep in the hospital bed this time, even with eight pillows tucked all around me. And a searing fire of pain ripped through my incision every time I struggled to get out. Or in. Or out again. I knew I’d heal so much better with my new bed at home.

The other thing that usually kept me at the hospital was the comfort of room service at my fingertips. But this time I knew I’d be fine at home with the weekly meal service we purchased for our family that I deeply appreciated and enjoyed.

So for the first time in Heidi C-section History, I didn’t pray to stay an extra day.

[Moment of stunned silence.]

Instead, I prayed that we could finally name our dear child. And amazingly, Charming suddenly thought of a great name!!

We held our breath, worried that it would lose its appeal. But. It. Didn’t! So I whipped out our last hospital form and filled it out!!

(Well, OK. Maybe I chickened out and wrote it on scratch paper first… You know, just to see how it felt. And how it looked. And you know what? I loved it!!)

“We did it!!!”

After that, we loaded up and headed out! Charming pushed me in my wheelchair. And the nurse pushed our son in his car seat, our bags and my walker. :) (She was impressive!)

I felt a tug at my heart when we passed the waiting area outside the maternity ward. I looked at the spot where I waited to meet my child and knew it would forever be special to me.

Before I knew it, Sir Sweetness was settled in for his first car ride ever! Although, he really had no idea. But at least he was burrowed in the same knitted hat and blanket that every one of our newborn sons have worn at the hospital.

Hi, hat!! We’re almost home!!

… to be continued.

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