The Bubbers King is 11!

Bubbers turned 11 in April! The day before his birthday, we took off homeschool and Charming stayed home from work to celebrate. It was time for everyone to bump up in bike size, so got to go with Dad to pick out a brand new bike his favorite color: green!

Bubbers wanted lunch at his favorite “Tube McDonald’s.”

Where Shoo-Shee fell in love with drinking from straws and never let go of the water Daddy offered her.

He loves how tall he’s getting! He fits right under my chin now and constantly borrows my shoes when he’s running outside to check the mail or bring around the trash bin. I still can’t believe it…

The day of his actual birthday started with opening his new drone, also in his favorite color!

Then we were off to a school field trip that he picked for his family activity gift: Whale Watching! This was a first for all of us and we were very excited.

We took a ride in this beauty to find gray whales feeding on ghost shrimp as they migrate north.

These four sat next to each other on the trip out.

And we found seats in the back together. As I looked around, I was glad we left Shoo-Shee napping at home with a babysitter. She wouldn’t have enjoyed it and it would have been stressful trying to keep her safe and clean.

It wasn’t long before we stopped to look at two gray whales!

You could spot them when they spouted. It was tricky trying to guess where they’d be next and watch the right place. We got better after some practice.

Sir Potatoes in the red coat here wasn’t sure he wanted to come on the trip or go outside to see whales, but once he did, he loved it. I was so proud of him.

It was just amazing. The tour naturalist said their tongue alone weighs 2 tons!! I couldn’t help bursting out with, “No wonder they live in the water! There’s no way they’d be able to eat on land!”

We bought binoculars and borrowed a couple from the boat, so we could all see the whales surfacing.

Then we went off to find more and boy, did we!

We found a group of what ended up being FOUR whales traveling together! The guide said that was incredible. He also taught us how to identify the whales by the markings on their flukes. The same whales come through each year and the boats know them.

The weather was cool, but didn’t rain and there were even some moments of sun breaking through.

This is two whales swimming right next to each other! Once there were THREE coming up right next to each other! The guide said that was really unusual. It was such a special feeling to be part of this.

I loved when the water poured off the tail fin! Each whale even had his or her own way of diving that would affect how much of the tail you could see and whether the water trailed off. It was just fascinating.

Then it was time to switch seats for the ride back home.

And have some snacks and sandwiches. :)

Once we got home, Bubbers asked for his favorite Little Caesars cheese pizza. We had cookies and cream cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. (Such a healthy dinner- ha!)

I’m so grateful for my sweet Bubbers King. Happy Birthday, my son!

Then we finished the day at a fun local pool!

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