We have a dog!

My walker post reminded me!… Princess Muffin Cakes has ignored our dog, Buster, her whole life. And this last week I found myself alone with her while the older boys were off playing at our park and Joo-Jee was on his one-on-one campout with Dad.

I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, so I decided to trim the puff ball from Buster’s tail. It seems that when we tell the groomer to shave everything off of him, they always leave a sweeping puff ball on his tail. It’s a little frustrating, but oh well.

So I set up Shoo-Shee with some toys and was just going to get some scissors when I noticed her smiling and staring… At Buster’s tail!!! She was completely enthralled by him. I don’t know if it’s because he looked different after the groomer or what, but she loved him and I couldn’t bring myself to chop off her object of delight so I let him keep his crazy tail. :)

I held him still so she could pet him and it was the cutest thing. Her smile! Oh, melt my heart…

p.s. Yes, our dog wears a diaper. After Shoo-Shee was born, he suddenly started marking things in the house (our new rug, her Bumbo seat, my room…). And I don’t know how to stop him, so I started wrapping him. That way we get to keep our dog and a clean house at the same time. My husband thinks it’s nuts and wants to donate the dog. I think it’s brilliant because we need a dog for our children and I don’t want to train a new one. :) And as you can see, he is a very sweet dog. Couldn’t be a better pet to our kids. And they love him. So we’ll be buying diapers until he dies… Right, Love? :)

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