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After I posted about my first retreat, I intended to follow it up with the story I wrote for the contest, but somehow time slipped away from me and I’m only now doing it. I’m sorry!

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To understand the story, let me take you just down the beach from our retreat where there was a beautiful totem pole that is double-sided and depicts The Maiden of Deception Pass from a romantic Indian legend. (I’m sorry my picture is so dark… It really is gorgeous.)

Our contest assignment was to somehow include this legend in our story and make it no more than 300 words. It was very fun to write it while staying at that exact location. Plus the beach always makes me feel wistfully romantic and the Indian legend only added to that delicious feeling.

Now, without further ado, my little story:


Maybe it was the mournful cry of the seagull overhead or the unusual calm of the bay, but something about the beach that night gave me the courage to ask the question boiling inside of me.

“Do you think it’s true?”

Caleb Davis turned away from the sunset to look at me. I read the surprise in his sea-blue eyes before I motioned to the majestic totem pole looming behind us as a monument to my Indian tribe. “Do you think an Indian maiden really married a sea spirit?”

He raised a single teasing eyebrow. “Do I think a woman sprouted barnacles on her face?” He shook his blonde head. “No.”

I tried to smile with him, but disappointment twisted in my chest and I hid it by facing the bay. Caleb followed my lead and rubbed a perfectly smooth rock he’d picked up.

“And yet,” he suddenly said, “I don’t think that’s what you’re really asking me.”

I almost brushed him off, told him to forget it, but something in his voice stilled me.

“Do I think there was once a man who looked up out of his world to find his love in the face of a woman from a different land?”

A fire sparked in my lungs as he let the rock drop at our feet.

“You tell me, Jenna.” There was no more humor in the handsome face that looked down at me. “Is it possible for two people to love each other more than anything else on earth? Even the very people who gave them life?”

The answer burned through me. “Yes.”

A warm light softened his gaze and he reached for one of my brown hands. Deliberately, he laced his fingers with mine and brought our hands to his fair cheek. “Me, too.”

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