Help! White mildew??


Our zucchini and pumpkins are doing great, except they’re growing this white mildew on the leaves. I sprayed diluted milk on them, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Has anyone had success with a homemade fungicide?

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2 thoughts on “Help! White mildew??

  1. You have a couple options. Your best shot is to keep the plants dry the best you can. Water in the morning or afternoon when the leaves will dry immediately instead of the evening or night when the leaves will hold water. Next, you can spray them with Lysol, or another spray that kills fungus, bacteria, etc.

    Those are the only things that I have found effective. But usually the cold kills them WAY before the fungus.

  2. Oh, what great advice! Thank you, Jill. I wish I’d known before a full summer of overhead watering, but at least next time will be better. :) And you’re right, they’re still hanging in there despite the fungus. Thanks so much for the comment!

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