Henceforth and forever

Yes!  It is time to give new names to my little wigglers.

New names that are the real nicknames we are currently using.   That way, I can ease the load on my neurons as they try to fire and retrieve the correct name for each child– no matter if I’m talking, tweeting or blogging.

Also, I wanted to even out the royal ranking. :)

Thank you for understanding!

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I now dub thee: Sir Brother

Boots started calling him “Broda” a few months before Baby was born and it has stuck.  Now we all call him Brother and I like it. :)

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I now dub thee: Sir Boots

He’s still Boots around here, so he gets to keep his name the same. :)

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I now dub thee: Sir Baby

Yes, henceforth and forever, we will call him Baby.  Or.  Until Boots thinks up a different name for him and then I’ll change it. :)

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And there you have it!

Brother, Boots and Baby.

Now, if Boots come across a “lamily” picture and stops to label it (one of his many adorable pastimes), you will know exactly who he’s talking about!


If he stubs a toe and comes to tell you which one he stubbed, you’ll understand him when he says, “Mommy Toe!” or “Broda Toe!” or “Baby Toe!”

Baby foot with words

3 thoughts on “Henceforth and forever

  1. I love the “named toes” thing too! :D

    That reminds me – one time when Matt was little (4 maybe?) he was running around and hurt his big toe. I asked which toe he got an “owie” on and he said (while hopping around from the pain), “Right – here! On – my – mom-my – toe!!” ;) LOL

  2. The new names are great…we’ll see if I remember them as well as Boots does (with 28 grandchildren, I’m lucky to get the real names let alone the nicknames!)

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