I know

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I know that God’s plan is perfect.

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I know His spirit children are meant to come to earth in tiny bodies.

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I know they are meant to be adored.

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And cherished.


And protected.

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I know they are meant to grow.

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And become very round.

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And chubby.

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I know they are meant to pull off their socks.

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Two feet at a time.

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I know they are meant to laugh.

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And feel the love of their families.

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I know they are meant to delight their parents with incredible hair.


And sprout endearing vampire teeth.


And light up with joy at the little things.

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I know they are meant to be expressive.


And charming.


I know they are meant to climb the growth charts at the doctor’s office.

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I know they are meant to become big brothers.


With absolute adoration.

P1290930 so cute!!!

And overflowing enthusiasm.


And I know…

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that eventually…


… my little baby is meant to turn two.


But it still hurts my heart.

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And it still makes me cry.

5 thoughts on “I know

  1. What a beautiful post, and what beautiful pictures. :) They do grow up a little too fast, don’t they?? I always have such mixed feelings while watching my babies grow up…on the one hand I’m so proud of everything that child is learning and accomplishing…but on the other hand I wish I could just find the “pause” button and hang onto their little-ness just a while longer. Or to be able to hit “rewind” and visit that phase once again. sigh…

    Happy Birthday, Scooters!! :)

  2. OH! And the pictures with him pulling his socks off really made me giggle – SO adorably funny! And am I the only one amazed at how stretchy socks are?? :D

  3. Brought back memories of adorable Scooters growing up…but then growing up is part of the plan. Glad you fully understand the great value of caring for a child.

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