The News


The Bad News:

  • Scooters caught the stomach bug.
  • Mommy caught the stomach bug.
  • The worms hated their new home and did everything possible to escape.

The Good News:

  • Daddy stayed home from work and took great care of Scooters, Bubbers and Mommy.  (Thank you!!!)
  • Mommy found other articles online about how to do worm composting.
  • She made a new home for them and moved them all into it.


The Current News:

  • The bug is lingering, but Bubbers, Scooters and Mommy are very close to being okay again.
  • We have really enjoyed clearing our entire schedule and just hanging out and healing for the last four days.
  • Poor Daddy has caught the stomach bug.  :(
  • The worms are staying inside their new home!!

3 thoughts on “The News

  1. Sorry the sickness was passed through the whole family. Hopefully all are well now and Daddy can go back to work.

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