His true feelings




(Playing with Daddy before work two days ago)

Sometimes I wonder what Bubbers really thinks about his little brother.  I mean, how does he really feel about this little person who destroys his train tracks and clobbers his toes while barreling around in a walker?

Today at Target, I found out.

We had just returned a hat I didn’t want anymore when Bubbers sweetly requested to look at some toys.  I couldn’t resist, so I allowed us both to peruse the “Dollar Section”.

Scooters patiently waited for us in his umbrella stroller while I smiled to myself and seriously considered buying Charming a Whoopie cushion.

A few kids meandered over with their mother.  Bubbers looked up at them and then down at his brother, kicking his little feet in the stroller.

“His name is Scooters,” Bubbers explained matter-of-factly to the nearest kid, “He says, “Beh-beh!”.  Sometimes he spits up on you.  And sometimes he drools on you.”

I blinked.

And then smiled.

Well, there you have it, Heidi! I thought with a little chuckle.

Then I reluctantly put back the Whoopie cushion.

2 thoughts on “His true feelings

  1. Love to see Dad playing with his sons. Does Scooters still spit up a lot (or is Bubbers just remembering when he did)?

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