The Never-Ending Cold

Our dear Scooters Man has been congested for about three weeks now.  Poor little guy!

And for the first two weeks, he was pretty miserable.  So miserable, in fact, that I was convinced my sweet little baby was gone.  And he’d been replaced by a chubby cranky-pot who would never be happy again.

And at first, I didn’t realize he was cranky because he was sick.

What’s happened? I moaned in misery, He used to be such a happy baby!  Is my dear Scooters gone forever?…

But day after day proved the happy little man was nowhere to be found.

Oh, Scooters! I lamented as I watched my little cherub throwing himself backward and wailing at the slightest provocation, What’s happened to you?  What’s happened to my sweet baby?…  I want him back!

And I began to wonder if I’d only dreamed I had a sweet-tempered baby who smiled at me adoringly and loved to bask in my attention.

Finally, after two-and-a-half weeks, the clouds lifted.  The congested, sleep-deprived, miserable baby became the congested, rested, happy baby.

And I sighed in relief.


Welcome back, Scooty-tots!!

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2 thoughts on “The Never-Ending Cold

  1. Yeah, my three have had a cold for over a month now, but Joshua is the worst. He is mister cranky everyday! He’s up all night coughing and choking,(Jonah too) I hope they get over it too!

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