Tales from a doctor’s office…


Hey Everyone! Guess what!?!

I turned nine months old which means time for another check-up at the doctor’s office!

(Oh, and Mommy forgot her camera, so she used her phone camera instead…)


And you know what?  The doctor says I’m headed for a growth spurt because my weight and height were lower percentiles than usual.  But I still have a big “coconut” that quickly grows out of my neck holes.  :)

Weight: 21.7 pounds (70th %ile)
Height: 28 inches (42nd %ile)
Head Circumference: 18.5 inches (91st %ile)


Poor Bubbers. He had a much harder time than I did at my check-up.

During the car ride to the doctor’s office, he casually said, “Scooters doesn’t want any shots.”

While walking into the doctor’s office, he said with a little more firmness, “Scooters doesn’t need any shots.”

When the nurse came in with the needles, Bubbers’ began crying, “No!  No!  Scooters doesn’t want any shots!  He doesn’t need them!!”

Then, in a last ditch effort to escape it all, he said desperately, “I need to go pee-pees!!!”

Poor Mommy.  She was really wishing Daddy was there to help comfort Bubbers, but she had forgotten to tell him about my appointment in time for him to take it off work and join us like he usually does…  So she was flying solo.

And all she could think of was: “It’s okay, just close your eyes and cover your ears!”

Bubbers obeyed with tears in his eyes and dread for my impending wails.

“Okay, we’re done!” the nurse suddenly announced.

“What?” Mommy stared, finally taking her eyes off her emotionally distraught 2-year-old and looking down at the 9-month-old in her arms.  There was a band-aid on each of my legs.  “You’re done?” Mommy asked blankly, “But he didn’t even cry.”

“Nope!” the nurse smiled and gathered her things.

“Wow…  Can we have you every time?!?” Mommy asked with shock.

The nurse laughed as she excused herself and Mommy still couldn’t believe it.

Then she and Bubbers laughed about it as she finished dressing me and we packed up.

Mommy was so grateful that everything turned out so well…


… And that we were all okay!

8 thoughts on “Tales from a doctor’s office…

  1. Amazingly, there are nurses out there that are excellent at giving shots. I recently got a shot, and I didn’t even feel it! I asked them, “Are you sure you gave me a shot?” Hahaha.

    I’m glad he did so well with the shots! How nice that he has a compassionate older brother that doesn’t want to see him sad!

  2. Aw, what a good brother Bubbers is! How nice that the shots were not worth all the worry! :) Scooters has the cutest hair btw! hehe, I love how it sticks up!

  3. Josh is always worried about Jonah getting shots too. Elora didn’t cry from nine months on, and didn’t even notice them at her 18 mo appt. But I don’t like most of the shots we’ve had here, the nurse didn’t have that great of a bedside manner. Oh well.

  4. Such a cute story about Bubbers crying about Scooters shot instead of Scooters! He has a lot of empathy for a young one. I think big heads definitely run in the family.

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