Snapshot in Time: 8 Months Old


Hi Everyone!!  I’m 8 months old now and my parents can’t believe it!


I’ve turned into such a little man and sprouted a full head of blond hair almost overnight.  Mommy loves how it sticks straight up and rubs it at least 50 times a day.


My personality is pure joy.  All Mommy has to do is look at me and I beam enough love and adoration to light our entire city!  Our favorite thing to do is sit across from each other on the floor and just smile and smile and smile at each other!!


And Mommy’s not sure, but she thinks my eyes are green.  At least, they look green when I wear green. But then, they look dark blue when I wear blue…  So, she’s not really sure.


However, she is sure that I’m teething.  And that I have a kung-fu death grip.


See my two teeth on the bottom?  I also have one tooth on the top now and another one due to break through any day now!


I’m still a really good sleeper and Mommy was delighted when I easily transitioned to falling asleep on my own full-time at my five-month training.  I currently sleep from 6 pm-6 or 6:30 am and take about three one-hour naps during the day.

My bedtime routine currently includes:

Heading upstairs right after dinner with Mommy to change my diaper.  Then Daddy and Bubbers come upstairs, lay outside my room, stick their fingers under my door and sing “We Are Siamese If You Please!” while Mommy smiles and I rear back for a look-see.  After that, they come inside my room and Daddy puts on my pajamas.  Then we all gather for our evening family prayer.  After that, Mommy and Daddy alternate nightly turns of snuggling me while everyone sings the “We love you, Scooters!” song.  Then everyone kisses me good night and I’m laid in bed.  Mommy and Daddy give me one more round of hugs, squeezes and kisses and then they turn off the light and shut the door.


I love to play!  My favorite independent activity is my “basket-o-toys”.  My favorite song is “Patty Cake”.  My favorite tickle spot is my neck.  My favorite game is Peek-a-boo.


Oh. And I love to eat and have yet to meet a food I didn’t inhale.  Mommy has taken to hiding if she eats something I can’t have (darn the peanuts in those peanut butter bars!!!), because she can’t stand telling me no when my eyes light up with eager anticipation and I start smiling, squealing and swirling my arms with excitement the moment I see her food!


Sadly, my esophageal sphincters haven’t changed much, so now I’m spitting up my solid foods along with Mommy’s milk.  In the picture above, I woke up from a nap covered in tuna fish sandwich spit up.  Whoah!  That was smelly!


But that’s okay!  I’m so darn cute and sweet I could swallow and spit up our entire house and Mommy wouldn’t mind.


And do you want to know a secret?


I’m a giant.


It’s true!  Mommy had to bring in the 18 month clothes bins when I was only 6 months old!


And I just outgrew my second car seat (on the left), so Mommy got the biggest convertible car seat she could find (on the right) and I love it.


And, truth be told, when I’m next to my brother–parts of my body look almost the same size as him!


I’m such a sweet giant, though, so Mommy doesn’t mind (too much) that her baby is growing up way faster than he should be.


My brother sure loves me and I adore him, too!  All he has to do is look at me and start talking and I giggle up a storm!


And every time I wake up, Bubbers races to my room, turns on my light, climbs into my crib, yanks off my arm socks, tosses them over the side of the crib and then spends special “alone” time with me.  We just love it!


When we play, Bubbers is very sweet and attentive toward me.  He often brings me a toy if I don’t have one or sits and plays with me.  When we play together, Mommy loves to watch us and hopes we continue to enjoy our time together as we get older.


Oh–and he’s very good at imitating me. :)


Mommy and I are really special buddies.  She says I healed her broken heart the day I was born and we’ve been connected at the heart ever since.


She loves…the way I grab at her lips when I nurse…the smell of my hands after I’ve been wearing my arm socks…how I smile, kick and bounce my crib mattress with my belly when she comes in to get me…hearing me and my brother giggle together in the back seat of the car…my intense squeals..when I snuggle into her after I wake up…and, well, everything about me.


I love my Daddy! I just light up whenever I see him and love it when he comes home!


He loves…how I smile every time he looks at me…pinching my cute little cheeks…tackling me after counting to 3…when I don’t spit up on him…when I try to eat his leg or lick his pants…trading raspberries with me…kissing and hugging me and holding me when I wake up in the middle of the night…and everything else about me.


Oh, how my family loves me and I love them!!

p.s.  *Tickle-tickle-tickle!!!*




4 thoughts on “Snapshot in Time: 8 Months Old

  1. Soooo adorable! He has the best facial expressions! He is getting so big! I need to come over and hold him again before he is a full blown toddler! You are making me want another one! ;o)

  2. Scooters is such an adorable, huge, enthusiastic and happy 8 month old! He has 3 uncles who were also in 18 month size clothing at 6 months.

  3. What a cute little guy! I can’t believe he’s 8 mos either!!! You guys are such an awesome family, and it looks like you should probably have at least 10 more kids since you are sooo put together!

  4. I didn’t know he had reflux. I can’t believe he’s so big if he spits up a lot! Hayden has it too and the dr. has her come in monthly for weight checks. She was 43rd percentile at 2 mo and is now 10th percentile at almost 6 mo. It’s stressful when she can’t keep her food down! Maybe your guy just has a mild case of it.

    Cute pics!

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