Snapshot in Time: 37 Weeks Pregnant

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Excited to give the Little Man a baby brother in two weeks.

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But feeling sad…..

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That my one-on-one time with just me and my dear little buddy is coming to an end.

10 thoughts on “Snapshot in Time: 37 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Heidi you look so happy and just perfect. You emotion is understandable but I am sure everything will work out so beautiful for your family.

  2. Aw! You’re so beautiful! I’m so glad you are taking pictures of each stage – you’ll have so much fun remembering this time although I’m sure right now you’re so ready to be done being pregnant.

  3. A whole new chapter in the book of your life is about to open! So excited for you guys! So awesome to have all these posts as a reminder of your former chapters of life!

  4. You look so good pregnant! Just a basketball strapped to your stomach. Your face isn’t even puffy!!! Seriously you should have like 20 kids!

  5. I know the feeling, I’ve felt exactly the same way the past little while! I’ve been so busy trying to get everything ready for the baby that I feel like I’ve missed time with Preston, so now that everything is mostly ready I’ve been trying to spend all of my spare time doing fun things with him and enjoying our time together. :)

  6. Oh man, I know exactly how you feel! The last week of my pregnancy I really mourned the loss of my special time with just Gwen and me. I cried a lot. I’m sure the pregnancy hormones helped with that too.

  7. You’re as beautiful as ever, Heidi – and I totally agree with the “basketball” comment! You’re so cute! ;) I understand your sadness though – it’ll be harder to find that one-on-one time like you used to always have with Bubbers, but you’ll find little ways. Especially as the baby grows older you’ll be able to get out more often, just your oldest and you, to do “big boy” things. And I’m sure you’ll really enjoy watching Bubbers grow into his big brother role and later watching him find a best friend in his little bro. There’ll be days when you don’t feel like you have enough hands, but eventually having two kids will be come your “new normal” and you’ll wonder how you ever entertained a baby all by yourself. :)

  8. yeah, I remember being worried about neglecting Elora after the baby was born. So what if you go into labor before your scheduled c-section?

  9. Wow, you all are so awesome–thank you! I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s felt this way.

    And you’re so sweet to think I look good pregnant. It’s getting tough here at the end, so I really appreciate hearing that!

    And if I go into labor before my scheduled C-section, then that day becomes my new scheduled C-section. :) (But we’re hoping I don’t, because then Charming would still be in school).

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