Snapshot in Time: 34 Weeks Pregnant

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My Checklist:

  • Schedule C-section for the day after my husband’s finals… Done!
  • Start freezing meals… Done!
  • Have my Mom buy her plane tickets… Done!
  • Beg my Mom to stay for more than one week and be turned down (an inside joke between us, because I know she can’t stay longer, but it never stops me from asking)… Done!
  • Have my husband schedule two weeks off work… Done!
  • Have my doctor confirm the existence of my first stretch marks ever… Done!
  • Feel a little uncomfortable when kids at work stop dead in their tracks and stare open-mouthed at my gargantuan belly… Done!
  • Buy diapers and skip right over the newborn size because you know this boy’s gonna fit size 1 from day one… Done!
  • Sell our guest bed on Craigslist to make room for a new nursery… Done!
  • Buy a double stroller that will accommodate newborns and infant carriers off Craigslist… Done!
  • Buy and clean an incredibly comfortable glider and ottoman off Craigslist… Done!
  • Wish you could sit in your new glider and ottoman all day long… Done!
  • Buy another crib off Craigslist (sorry to those who voted for a bed— Charming eventually agreed with me and said it was okay to get another crib so Bubbers can stay in his)… Done!
  • Consider Craigslist one of the greatest blessings of the internet… Done!
  • Make the most of your nesting instinct and finish all the little house projects you’ve been wanting to do and haven’t… Done!
  • Pray that your husband will decide he likes the name you really like… Done!
  • Start getting really excited to have a new little baby in the house… DONE!!

16 thoughts on “Snapshot in Time: 34 Weeks Pregnant

  1. You are getting so close! What day is your c-section scheduled for? Our little ones won’t be too far apart!

    I was seriously just wondering whatever became of the crib dilema, although I don’t know if I ever commented on that post. I would have bought a 2nd crib too. Keeping Gwen in her crib for as long as possible was the best thing I ever did.

  2. Oh you are so adorable!! Although I have to say I have no sympathy for you over ONE stretch mark. I’m the friggin’ tiger lady. Congrats on being so close to the finish line!

  3. Kids stopping dead in their tracks… hahaha! Well, it looks like you stuffed a basketball under your shirt! And 6 weeks after you have the baby, it’ll look like you took it out. I’m so jealous! :)

  4. LOL! I wish it was just one stretch mark… No, there are more than one and depending on how they fade, my swimsuit choices will be quite limited in the future. :)

  5. I’m so glad that you have all of that done! I vote for the name you like!

  6. Awww! You are the most beautiful mom! I am glad to see you are growing your hair out again, it is so beautiful. I am so excited for you. Keep us posted!

  7. I may have missed the post that said it… but what is the name you chose? Or perhaps you are not posting it which would make more sense. I’m so impressed with everything you’ve gotten done and I agree… I love Craigslist.

  8. Wow – you’ve gotten so much done – good for you! :) I’m sure you’re feeling huge (esp. when those kids stop and stare!) but you really do look great, and so happy! I’m getting so excited for you!! Can’t wait to meet your newest little boy.

  9. whew! I’m getting antsy about getting things checked off on my list too, but I guess I don’t have to worry quite yet.
    Your very first stretch marks? Ha! YOu don’t want to see my bare belly, you’d run screaming.
    I agree about the beds, luckily we have the bassinet so we don’t have to buy a whole other crib for the new one. Good luck, its getting close!

  10. I’ll bet if you turn your back you don’t look pregnant, because that baby is all in the front… are you sure it’s a boy, that’s how I looked with all my girls. When is the C section schedule. I’m very excited for you all.

  11. Hahaha, I had to smother a giggle as I imagined Tearese lifting her shirt to display her VERY pregnant belly, and Heidi running, with her arms flailing (also with a VERY pregnant belly) and shrieking! Although in reality, she wouldn’t be running, it would be a fast shuffle with both hands held under her belly for support, right?

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