The Harvest

Fall is here!

Which means it’s time to step into my backyard and check on the progress of our first vegetable garden and first grove of fruit trees…..

PICT0631 edited

Here we have a cute little corn husk.

Sure, it’s bright red.

Sure, it’s still 42 months away from ever being close to ripe.

But hey, we still love it.

PICT0108 edited

And here we have the top of a carrot.

Now, I really, really love homegrown carrots.

So, I was holding out a lot of hope for these guys.

PICT0105 edited

Until I actually picked one.

PICT0178 edited

And here we have a little green apple.

Who’s been viciously attacked by….. something?

Poor thing.

But don’t worry, it’s not alone.

There are about 30 other apples in the tree and on the ground that look just like it.

(Sniff, sniff).

PICT0115 edited

And here we have one of the lovely mystery fruits from the spring that I now believe (with your help!) are Asian pears.

And as you can see, they are doing splendidly!

The only thing is, we’re not sure how to tell when they’re ripe…..

The little Wooga man begs to pick one every time we go in the backyard.

So we do.

But after 53 consecutive non-ripe Asian pears, we finally pulled the plug on that tradition and started picking the neighbor’s fruit instead.

(Don’t worry, they gave us permission). :)

As for the other fruits in our grove…..

The cherries were picked, eaten and enjoyed long ago.

And the peaches suddenly (and sadly!) disappeared from their branches into thin air last month.

So, that leaves only one fruit left.

The other lovely mystery fruit that turned out to be plums.

Mmm, I love plums!

PICT0067 edited

So let’s see how the plums are doing…..

PICT0182 edited

Um….. plums?

PICT0181 edited

Where are you?????

(to be continued…..)

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6 thoughts on “The Harvest

  1. We had a regular pear tree in UT and we would pick them when they were a good size(end of season and winter coming) and lay them on newspaper and they would ripen. When did you plant those carrots? Is some one doing there fruit shopping in your yard or are you feeding the wild life?

  2. So sad about the peaches and plums! Your pears look lovely. I agree with Wandering Nana-Linda, I’d wait for it to get cold, but try to pick before the first frost. The trick with the newspaper works for tomatoes too, if you ever need it for them!

  3. Oh, I LOVE Asian pears! You’re so lucky! The first year w/ our tree we had tons and tons of fruit and it took some internet research (and trial and error) to determine when they were ripe. It’s hard to remember (our last and only good crop was 2 yrs ago), but I think I remember hearing something about waiting until after the first frost…Also, I remember that the ripe ones practically fell into my hands with the slightest touch. If you have some uneaten ones picked already you could try ripening them in paper bags on the counter…I know that works for tomatoes and other soft fruits but I’m not sure about pears. Anyway, the ones that ripen on the tree are fantastic, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer, but it’ll be worth it! :)

    Too bad about your apples though. :( Can’t wait to hear about the Great Plum Mystery!

  4. Looks like you may have to spray for bugs next year. You are so lucky to have mature fruit trees. Once you figure out all the ins and outs, you’ll be canning your heart out all winter long!

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