Our big boy

June 7th, 2008

PICT0095 for blog

No matter what, the Bubbers King is always game for going outside.

PICT0179 for blog

So today we went to the park next door and he did fantastic walking on all the gravel.

PICT0167 for blog

“Hey, it’s harder than it looks.”

PICT0184 for blog

“It’s so wobbly and I lose my balance sometimes.”

PICT0178 for blog

So while he paused to collect himself, I admired his deliciously round Wooga cheeks.

PICT0165 for blog

And then he went over to the climbing dinosaur.

PICT0129 for blog

“Look! I’m climbing like a big boy!”

PICT0153 for blog

“I really love being a big boy.”

PICT0193 for blog

And we really love that you’re our big boy!

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apple | 6/8/2008 5:37 am

Ya’ll are creating wonderful memories. You should make him a scrapbook of himself growing up so that he can enjoy the fun things ya’ll all did together. :)

Galicia | 6/8/2008 10:44 am

Hi Heidi!
I sure miss you! I come back often to catch up on what you have been doing. Take care and keep in touch!

tearese | 6/8/2008 9:53 pm

You guys live in such a nice neighborhood! How fun for him to go on all the toys. I like the shot through the bars climbing up.

Lisa | 6/8/2008 10:30 pm

He is getting sooo big and cute! I can’t wait to have a play date one of these days!! What is the deal with this weather????

Hope you guys are great-


Alycia | 6/9/2008 12:30 pm

These pictures are amazing Heidi! And of course Bubbers is cute as ever! Preston has been walking around like crazy the last week so I’m excited to see him interact with Bubbers the next time they play. :)

Andra | 6/10/2008 8:19 pm

hey there heidi- I saw your blog on your response to the playgroup email, so I thought I would check it out. You take great photos! Don’t you love to get great photos. It always feels so good when they turn out so crisp! What camera do you have?

Heidi | 6/10/2008 9:34 pm

Aw, thanks everyone!

You’re right, Apple–I’m hoping to make my blog into one of those “Blurb” books someday… :)

I miss you, too, Galicia!!

Thanks, Tearese! We never even knew it existed until we looked at this house and we immediately fell in love with it. :)

Yes, Lisa! I’m going to email you right now!

Thanks, Alycia! I love taking pictures when it’s overcast and the lighting is so perfect. And Preston is walking!!??!! That’s awesome!! They are going to have a blast together!

Welcome, Andra! And thank you for your compliment–I’m so glad you like my pictures. I have a Konica Minolta DSLR that I just love.


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