Mr. D and the SLP

May is “Better Speech and Hearing Month.”

Did you know that?

I did–but only because I’m an SLP.

And I’d be one sorry SLP if I let the whole month pass me by without saying something about it–so I’m going to share one of my favorite SLP stories with you…..

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This adorable little boy is Mr. D.

Mr. D was a preschooler I met the first year I started working as an SLP.

Every Wednesday and Thursday after my lunch hour, I’d leave the teacher’s lounge and see Mr. D waiting for me outside my classroom with his dad and little brother.

I immediately smiled and the moment he caught sight of me, Mr. D and his little brother would shriek, run as fast as their little legs would carry them and hide behind their dad’s legs.

Then they’d slowly peek out, spot me coming and hurriedly hide again–declaring to one another in loud whispers, “She’s coming!!”

“There she is!!”

“Miss Heidi’s coming!!”

I smiled from ear to ear and played along as I walked up and unlocked my door.

Then I welcomed them in and Mr. D would sit at my table as I told him what we were working on that day.

After that, Mr. D ran to sit on the play rug and we’d start therapy.

He practiced saying sounds and words while I rewarded him with pieces to Mr. Potato Head or a train set or whatever we were playing with that session.

And Mr. D was such a hard worker!

He always did whatever I asked and was so eager to learn.

Then one day, after working with Mr. D for over a year, I told him my wonderful secret.

“I’m going to have a baby,” I told him with a smile and then watched to see if he knew what that meant.

He smiled back up at me, but didn’t say anything.

I touched my stomach and said again, “I’m going to have a baby.”

Again, he didn’t say anything but just smiled and then looked down.

The next week, his dad came to pick up Mr. D after our session.

But instead of leaving, his dad stopped and looked sideways at me.

“Mr. D’s said a couple of times that you’re going to have a baby,” his dad said slowly, “Is that true?”

I beamed, “Yes, it is!”

“Congratulations,” he smiled sincerely.

“Thank you!” I replied.

Then he chuckled to himself and continued, “Mr. D said twice yesterday, Miss Heidi’s going to have a baby, but her egg hasn’t hatched, yet.”

My eyes widened with surprise and then I laughed.

“Oh my goodness, that is so cute!” I said warmly as Mr. D shyly looked up at me and then down again.

Then the weeks and months went by, and before long, I had special news for Mr. D.

20070708_MsHiedisHouse_19 edited

“My egg hatched,” I said as I smiled at Mr. D and showed him my baby boy.

20070708_MsHiedisHouse_23 edited

“Would you like to hold him?” I asked as I carefully handed him my little boy.

20070708_MsHiedisHouse_29 edited

We all smiled and I tried not to be sad that Mr. D and his family were moving away, and I might never see him again.

20070708_MsHiedisHouse_36 edited

And then his little brother got a turn and I remembered all those times when they hid behind their dad’s legs when they saw me coming.

20070708_MsHiedisHouse_37 edited

And then I realized how lucky I was that Mr. D and his wonderful family were my friends.

And that for a short time, I was able to serve them.

Because to me–that’s what being an SLP was all about.


Post dedicated to: Mr. D and his family

Thank you for making my years working as an SLP so special.

And thank you for your permission to share your son. :)

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10 thoughts on “Mr. D and the SLP

  1. What a fun story! William recently graduated from speech therapy. He loved his teacher. It was such a fun experience for him.

  2. Heidi, I loved the pictures and the story. Mr. D is such a cutie! (I’m such a sucker for red hair!) You are so lucky that you were able to work with kids like him – and they ALL were definitely very lucky to have such a wonderful SLP. I bet they’ll never forget you! :)

  3. Dangiit Heidi, I need a dang tissue to read your blog!! Thanks for your beautiful and inspiring stories- it makes me feel connected to you even though we only knew each other for a short time.
    PS I looked for you today at Women’s Conference- did you go?

  4. I loved this post. It is so nice when people are so willing to share themselves to help others. I know it is a job, but you chose a profession that helped others. I had a child that needed an SLP and she was wonderful and made the difference for my child that would affect the rest of her life. Thanks to wonderful teachers like you and others “)

  5. Dear MS. Heidi!

    I will never forget those wonderful times; and wanted to say a few things to you:

    I miss you very much!

    I love you!

    Go Cougs!

    I want to see your house again. I can remember your face, your eyes, and the color of your hair.

    You are very special to me….

    -Mr. D

  6. Hello, Heidi. Thank you for the wonderful post. It made me start to cry. You have an amazing gift of telling stories; I will treasure it always. We talk about you often and Mr. D remembers you fondly. I wish that we would have had more time to spend with you and your family before we moved. You all are very special to me and I’m glad that I get to stay connected with you through your blog. I do hope that we get to see you all again. If you ever come down south, please let us know (you’re always welcome in our home). Thank you again. :)

    PS – Dave helped Mr. D with the comment, but the following comments were direct from Mr. D:
    I miss you very much!
    I love you!
    Go Cougs!
    I want to see your house again. I can remember your face, your eyes, and the color of your hair.

  7. Dear Mr. D,

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your wonderful note!

    I miss and love you, too! And I wish you could see my house again, too.

    I will always remember you and how much fun we had together. You are a wonderful little boy and I was so lucky to be able to know you.

    Have a great summer and keep being the sweet little guy you are!

    Ms. Heidi :)

  8. Aw, Shawna, thank you!! I’ve been wanting to tell that story for a long time now, but kept waiting until I got it just right–when I felt like it did justice to what a dear family you are!

    If we ever make it to your neck of the woods you bet we’ll let you know! And the same goes for you–you’re always welcome back at Ms. Heidi’s house. :)

    And Dave–
    Thank you for that sweet comment from Mr. D!! That totally made my day and I just beamed as I pictured him saying those comments to me! :)
    (And yes, even the “Go Cougs!” :) It totally made me bust up and reminded me of when he spontaneously shouted that out with incredible enthusiasm one session when I asked him who his favorite football team was. Priceless!)

  9. And thank you everyone else! You never cease to amaze me with your incredibly kind and generous compliments! You’re awesome. :)

  10. I think I remember you telling me that story right after it happened. It was fun to read your cute story with pictures. :)

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