The best decision I ever made

May 28th, 2008

58390014 for blog

Was going inside the Salt Lake Temple as Prince Charming’s fiance,

58390001 for blog

And coming out as his wife.

58400016 for blog

That day sealed him to me forever,

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And I’ve thanked Heavenly Father for him every day since.


Happy 7th Anniversary, My Love!!


(And, um, yeah….. This is almost a month late.)

(And I really wish it wasn’t).

(But it is).

(So, I hope you still love me……)

(Because I’ll always love you.)

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andrea | 5/28/2008 8:16 am

awww….. that’s so sweet! happy 7 years!!!! it’s so great to have your companion with you for eternity isn’t it?

Wandering Nana-Linda | 5/28/2008 8:20 am

You are a beautiful bride. And Charming looks good too “P

charlotte | 5/28/2008 11:51 am

Um, happy anniversary last month you guys!!

Kara | 5/28/2008 1:30 pm

That’s sweet! Happy (late) anniversary!

Jesse | 5/28/2008 1:53 pm

Can it really be 7 years? Happy belated anniversary!

tearese | 5/28/2008 8:04 pm

The tiara really fits you! Hey, my bangs used to look exactly the same as yours!
Oh, and happy anniversary!

Suzanne | 5/28/2008 11:24 pm

What lovely wedding photos. You are a beautiful bride Heidi.

ERIKA | 5/29/2008 7:47 am

Gorgeous, gorgeous! You two should have gotten “Most Gorgeous Wedding Couple of 2001” Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Melissa | 5/30/2008 12:23 pm

Happy (belated) 7 years!! :) Heidi, you look just like a princess…don’t you wish you could go back and relive the time when you were Princess for a day? I sure do. Maybe someday we’ll get to watch an “instant replay” of the best moments of our lives… ;) That first picture is my favorite, by the way. LOVE that door.


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