An answer to prayer…

…and a scary revelation!

Read about our Sunday afternoon with the Wooga man on Prince Charming’s blog.


p.s. Thank you for all your incredibly kind comments on my pictures! I’m so glad you all like them and I’m flattered that you think I could sell them. I’ll have to look into that, but until then I’m content that you all enjoy them so much! :)

p.p.s. Thank you for your thoughts on the diamond vs. rhombus debate. I’m thrilled to have wonderful company in my “diamond” camp. :) Here are the answers to Friday’s test:


1) All diamonds are rhombuses. True

2) The plural of rhombus is rhombuses. True (or rhombi–as Ailene pointed out)

3) All rhombuses are diamonds. False

4) It’s still okay to use the term “diamond”. True (I’m assuming, since nowhere in our research did we see it declared to be otherwise…)

5) The shape in the picture below is not a diamond or a rhombus. True (It’s actually a “kite” as Kara said. To be a diamond, it has to have two equal-sized equilateral triangles in it. To be a rhombus it has to have 4 equilateral sides.)


6) A square is a rhombus. True

7) A rectangle is a rhombus. False (because it doesn’t have equilateral sides)

8) It’s okay to substitute “rhombus” for “diamond” in Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. False (In my humble opinion. I agree with Ailene & Kara–“diamond” is used in reference to the sparkly stone, not the shape.)

Thanks for playing y’all! :)

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3 thoughts on “An answer to prayer…

  1. yay! I was waiting for the answers to your quiz. I’m totally excited that I remembered “kite.” Ha, ha, does that make me a geometry nerd? Hmmm… well, since I didn’t get all the answers right, maybe not. I always had way too much fun in geometry. It was the only math class I ever did well in. Next we should study trapazoids! :)

  2. How annoying-how is knowing a rhombus/diamond/kite going to help us our anyone for that matter in the future?? People are weird…

  3. I read the story about the first TV experience Bubbers had. Do you think he was only mesmorized because he had never seen TV before? We have the TV on all the time while Preston is playing and he acts like it isn’t even there and keeps on playing… I don’t know, maybe he just doesn’t like it. :)

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