A new prophet

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This weekend was a very special General Conference for the Mormon world and Bubbers got his very own seat to watch it with us.

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We couldn’t have been happier with how well he did through all eight hours of the Conference!

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Not only did he really enjoy hanging out with his Mom and Dad…..

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But he also enjoyed conducting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

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With both hands.

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And we all loved the wonderful, inspiring talks from the apostles and leaders.

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Especially from the new living prophet: President Thomas S. Monson

Heidi’s favorite: “Enjoy the doing more than the getting done.” (Elder Ballard speaking to young mothers)

Charming’s favorite: “Salvation is individual. Exaltation is familial.” (Elder Nelson)

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6 thoughts on “A new prophet

  1. Heidi- I liked that talk the best too! I definitely got the most notes from it. When is Bubbers birthday this month? He looks so big.

  2. Awww… so cute that he sat there on the mini-tramp!!!

    I liked Elder Ballard’s talk too… perhaps all mothers (and husbands) should watch that talk once a week…

  3. It really is amazing how conference comes and goes every six months, but is able to leave lasting impressions on each of us. It is also interesting to see the change as we sustained a new prophet and the change in him as well. :) By the way, bubbers looks adorable conducting the choir, maybe he will some day, you never know…

  4. I really liked that quote too. It was a good talk.

    I’m glad he likes that tramp! Those are fun.

  5. Can I have your camera?? :) I love all the great and crisp photos. Good work! Loved the mothers talk too.

  6. Yes, I do think your opinion is righteous. (So do lots of people). Luckily majority of people are intelligent :).

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