His first dollar! (Part 5)

Completely shocked, I just stared at the poor woman laying on the ground.

Finally I came to myself and called, “Are you all right??!!”

She just laid there.

Completely silent.

And completely still.

My heart lurched.

Why isn’t she answering me??!!

I felt glued to the sidewalk as I stared at her still form.

Are you all right?!” I called again.

Again, she didn’t answer.

Leaving Bubbers sitting happily in his stroller, I ran to her side and knelt down on the sidewalk.

What do I do?! What do I do?! I screamed inside.

I looked around at the parked cars, but they were no help.

Then my instincts suddenly screamed, CPR! Do CPR!!

CPR?….. CPR! That’s it!!

I looked down into her face.

Her eyes were open and she was looking straight up into the sky.

I paused, eyeing her more closely.

She was clinging to her purse and holding stark still.

This doesn’t look right, I thought, She’s still breathing and has a heartbeat!

If I hadn’t had a camera in my hands, I would have wrung them desperately.

Oh great–this is terrible, I cried out inside, That means I can’t do CPR–so now what??!!

Back to square one.

“Are you all right?” I asked yet again, having no earthly clue of what else to do.

I stared at her.

Please say something, I pleaded inside.

“I hit my tail bone,” she said softly, holding completely still and not taking her eyes off the sky.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

“What can I do?” I asked, “Can I help you up?”

She didn’t answer, so I took that as a ‘no.’

“Can I get someone to help?” I tried again.

“Yes,” she said, “Go inside and tell Bob to get Bill.”

I was immediately on my feet and heading towards the door when I stopped and looked back.

“What’s your name??” I called.

“Sue,” she answered.

“And do you work here?”


I grabbed Bubbers’ stroller and raced him up the ramp.

“What’s wrong??” a man on the ramp asked me as I passed him with lightning speed.

“Sue fell and hit her tail bone and I’m telling Bob to get Bill!!” I called back to him as I yanked the bank’s door open and ran inside.

To be continued…..

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