The interrupted nap

November 15th, 2007

A couple months ago, Bubbers received a sweet gift from Charming’s Dad–a toy cell phone.

PICT0016 cropped

On the phone was a post-it note addressed to Bubbers that said, “Give me a call!! Love You, Grandpa”.

PICT0012 cropped

After a photo shoot with the phone (naturally), it was lovingly attached to the little man’s walker.

When you push the buttons, the phone rings or says, “Hola! Me llamo Tad!”

The Bubbers man loved to chew on it and accidentally push the buttons.

Alas, the poor phone got spit up on a few too many times…

Pretty soon the buttons stopped working.

Then it randomly called out, “Hola! Me llamo Tad!” in the middle of the night.

Suddenly the buttons started working again, but it still rang and announced, “Hola! Me llamo Tad!” over and over again in sudden, startling spurts.

I figured it was good company–made me feel like another adult was around, even if that adult spoke a foreign language.

But then this afternoon, the little man was working hard at falling asleep for a nap, and he sounded like he was just entering dream land, when…

“RING RING!! HOLA! ME LLAMO TAD!!” cut through the silence of our home.

“WaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHH!” the poor Bubbers began to wail in anger.

The dear cell phone now has a new home far, far away in the bottom drawer of the armoire in the play room.

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Ailene Hert | 11/15/2007 8:17 pm

Awww… poor Bubbers! It must be a LeapFrog phone… Tad is the frog that you often see associated with LeapFrog stuff. My son has LeapFrog pajamas that say “T is for Tad” and it has a picture of Tad the frog on there… :)

Tearese | 11/15/2007 10:41 pm

oh I hate stuff like that! I avoided getting Elora noisy toys for a very long time… the worst now is when I’m trying to get Joshua to sleep and she brings out her xylophone.

Ailene Hert | 11/16/2007 12:18 am

Yikes Tearese! Must be frustrating! Fortunately, my children were so close together, that they got used to sleeping through noise… especially each other crying (since they sleep in the same room). Today, I was babysitting a 3-month old baby, and she was definitely not used to the sudden loud noises that could occur in our house! A little frustrating when we wanted her to sleep! :)

andrea shaw | 11/16/2007 10:11 am

i agree with tearese, i hate the toys that make loud noises. isabelle has a few of those that people bought for her b-day. i finally had to hide them from her but she always seems to find a way to get them anyways!


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