Gem for the day

Tonight, Charming and I taught a short “Dinner Etiquette” class to the Deacons and Beehives at church (aka: 12 and 13-year-olds).

Charming: “Who can tell me what the men are supposed to do when a lady gets up from your table?”

Young man: “Stand up.”

Charming: “That’s right! What do you do when she comes back?”

Young man: “Sit down.”

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  1. since you asked, the template I used is Minima Blue. It looks like its changed a little since I first got it though. (As I started this blog in 2005)

  2. Tearese– Thanks! I have Minima, and when I looked at Minima Blue, I didn’t see the option to have “archives” and “previous posts” separated. Oh, well, I’ll have to figure something else out… Thanks for your help!

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