Our favorite line up!

My friend took me up on the offer to have all three of our children in Primary help out when needed and, boy, did I love walking in and seeing Potatoes, Joo-Jee and Shoo-Shee all lined up in the front of the room! I was so proud to see each one step up to give the prayer, scripture or talk.

Because of COVID shutdowns, Shoo-Shee had never given a talk in Primary and she was so excited! She wanted to fly solo and fancy free, but I knew that would quickly drift into a series of adorable, but doctrinely unsound (and likely undecipherable) declarations (along with beautifully graceful and sweeping hand gestures).

After some firm discussion, we agreed that she could pick four pictures of Jesus and tell her audience something about each one. We practiced and she loved it. She could speak without being prompted (which she loved!). And she kept her comments on topic and focused on the Savior (which I loved!).

In the end, it was a great experience for us all and we were so grateful!

High School!!

“Mom, are you OK?” Bubbers stopped what he was doing when he saw me crying and hugging his dad today.

I swallowed and tried to smile. “Yeah. I’m sad you’re starting high school.”

Sympathy filled his eyes. I’ve been his teacher for his entire life. That’s all we’ve known and now we’re stepping into the unknown. We knew someday he’d graduate from our homeschool program and we’d have to pick the next step. But the depth of my sadness still caught me by surprise. And I can’t run from it anymore because it’s here.

My little boy starts BYU Online High School in three days.

 “I’m sorry,” Bubbers said and I knew he meant it.

“It’s OK.” I pushed the words out of my breaking heart. “It’s good. You’re going to do a wonderful job.”

We both needed to hear those words and he smiled. “Thanks.”

And it’s true. He *is* going to be amazing. And this *is* a good thing for him.

I carefully wrap those truths as tender bandages around my heart to hold it together as it grieves. Because it still hurts. And it still makes me so sad.

I love you, my dear son! Here we go. :)

Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day, I request pictures with my kids and I love looking back at them.

This Mother’s Day, we went to our park to my favorite bench.

And it wasn’t long before we were blowing wishes!

And to be honest, I never know what to wish for, because I’ve already got my dream wish.

My husband still makes me laugh and comforts me when I cry.

I’m tired and been through a rough year, but my body is slowly getting stronger and my eyes show my joy.

Joy for this squeezie treasure who’s just as cute as can be.

Joy for this young man who randomly declares, “You’re the best, Mom!” with a wonderful smile. Or slings his arm around my shoulders and asks, “Who’s our favorite Mom-face?” Always makes day!

Joy for this boy with a huge heart who takes time every day to stop, look into my eyes and ask, “Mom, how are you feeling?” It gets me every time.

Joy for this gentle boy who melts my heart with his generosity one moment and then makes me guffaw the next when he breaks out his perfect infomercial voice.

Joy for this sneaky child whose sole mission in life is to hide and jump out when I least expect it. “Hi, Mom!… Did I scare you??”

Joy for this sparkly ninja princess who plays dolls with a vengeance that I love beyond measure.

Together they fulfill every dandelion wish I could ever make. Thank you, my dear children. You make every day special because you’re in it. I love you!!