Home School Update (by Sir Scooters)


Hello!!  How are you guys?  I hope well!!  I’m here tonight to give you an update.  It’s been a while since Mommy started our lessons, so she asked me if I would tell y’all how we’re doing and I said, “Of course!”


First of all, I still love my language lessons!  I listen attentively as Mommy labels the pictures.  And then I enthusiastically label them back.




And truth be told, I rarely get distracted.




Is it edible?


Whoops.   I’m back! :)


Now let’s see… What else was I going to tell you?…..


Oh yes! My brother is doing really well with his lessons, too! Things were getting a little dicey at one point when his reading lessons started getting harder and Bubbers began losing motivation to work. So Mommy took it up a notch and made a visual schedule to go with the lessons and introduced the opportunity to earn rewards. After that, Bubbers was willing to apply himself again and really took off.

Now, every week night after I go to bed, they have my brother’s lessons…


First, Bubbers hauls in his rewards: Jelly Bellies.


Then he and Mommy settle down in the living room for a short reading lesson.


And boy is he doing well!


He’s got decoding down pat and his blending gets better every day.  Way to go, Bubbers!!


After that, he heads into the family room to have a lesson with Daddy.  He gets to choose between a Spanish lesson or a math lesson.


This time he chose to have a Spanish lesson and Daddy taught him how to name his special friends in Spanish. :)

PICT0086 edited big

If Daddy’s at school, then Bubbers gets a writing lesson with Mommy.

PICT0089 edited big

He really loves “writing” the letters he learns in his reading lessons.

PICT0095 edited big

And if he’s really feeling snazzy…..

PICT0110 edited big

…..  He sets aside the model and makes the letters from memory!

After lessons, he lays on the floor to chat with Mommy and Daddy and eat the Jelly Bellies he’s earned.  It’s a very special time for them all.


Hey, wait a second…..  Did I just say that Bubbers gets to eat Jelly Bellies while I’m sawin’ logs at night?


Hmmm, you know what?  I should probably be a little peeved about that.


That’s right!  I think I AM a little peeved about that!!


Ha!  That was fun, I’ll have to try it again someday.

Well, folks…  I think that’s it for now!


Good night!! :)

Would you take a look at this… (by Sir Scooters)

P1000816 cropped landscape

Look everyone!!  I’m sitting in my very first grocery cart ever!!!

For a few weeks now, Mommy’s been planning on trying this out and last Friday was THE DAY.  She was so excited!  She told Bubbers all about how I was going to sit next to him and how much fun it would be!

P1000815 darker

And boy was it!!!  Mommy smiled and giggled the entire time.  And then when she just couldn’t stand it any longer, she’d reach out and squeeze us both in a big group hug!


And then Bubbers got into the spirit of things, too!


We have so much fun together.


“Fun?  What fun?  We’re not having any fun–promise!”




Raspberries all around!!!


Mommy really couldn’t get enough of looking at her cart full of little men and groceries for little men.


Then it was time for hoods again and loading up in the car.


“Here you go, Scooters,” said Bubbers.

“Aack!  What is that?!?” cried Scooters.


“Oh.  It’s food.  Why didn’t you say so, big bro?”


**Compulsively distracted**


“Here, I’ll help you out, little bro.”




Thanks, Bubbers!  That was the perfect ending to my first ride in a grocery cart.

Breaking the silence (by Sir Snuggles)

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Hello my friends!

PICT0234 edited small

Holy smokes, it’s been so quiet around here this week, I just had to break the silence.

PICT0230 edited


PICT0186 edited small

Bless me.

PICT0220 edited small

Now let’s see…

PICT0241 edited small

What was I saying?…

PICT0191 edited cropped small

Oh yes! Mommy’s sorry it’s been so quiet. She’s been feeling the crunch of time and spent the week getting her journals up to date before the new year starts.

PICT0208 edited

She got behind after I was born and finally figured out a system for (hopefully!) staying on top of them.

So this week, she buckled down and got them all updated.  (Phew!  Now it’s okay for another Private Investigator to call her up).

PICT0201 edited lint fixed small

But she’s been thinking about you guys.  And she hopes you’re all doing well and having a great December. 

PICT0154 small

And she loves my rotund cheeks. 

PICT0136 small

And how I suck on my bottom lip.

PICT0174 edited

And how I grab my feet. And roll over.

PICT0178 edited small

And mouth everything within reach.

And, well, she really loves…

PICT0133 cropped edited

….. me.

Giving Thanks (by Sir Snuggles)


Mom?…..  Is this thing on?

PICT0286 edited

[It sure is!  Go ahead whenever you’re ready, Snuggles.]

PICT0287 edited


PICT0288 edited

Ha!   Let me try that again…..  Hi Everyone!!!

It’s Sir Snuggles here, excited to report on my first Thanksgiving ever.

Oh!  And it was also the first full-fledged turkey-and-all-the-fixin’s Thanksgiving my parents have ever prepared by themselves since they’ve had children.  And it was so fun!!

PICT0339 edited

Mommy had no idea how fun cooking could be when you do it with someone you love (especially when you’re both working together for the higher purpose of Thanksgiving).


Not to mention the joy of another someone else wanting to be part of it, too.


With his adorably cute concentration and determination.

PICT0334 edited

“Wook, Mommy!  We’re feeding him!  Daddy, may I feed him?  Pweeeeease?”

PICT0330 edited

“Wook, Mommy!!  I’m feeding him!…..  He’s gwad he’s dead.”

PICT0369 edited


PICT0365 edited

“May I have some more snowfwakes, pwease?”

PICT0383 edited

“Ooooh, wook at awwwwww those snowfwakes!!”

PICT0371 edited

“Wook! I disappeared!  Now nobody knows who stow awwwww those snowfwakes!”

PICT0241 edited

Mommy also loved using books from the library to teach us about why we have Thanksgiving.


And when Daddy read this one, it made Mommy cry right in the middle of my diaper change!

This Thanksgiving was also our first exposure to….. bones.

PICT0229 edited

Awww, the wish bone! (Daddy and Bubbers did it a few days later and it brought back so many childhood memories for Mommy. *sigh* How fun!)

PICT0389 edited fixed small

There was also much drumming with…. the drumsticks.

Not to mention the inevitable:



PICT0386 edited and fixed small

Uh….. No comment.



PICT0281 edited

After that, I went to sleep for one of my many beloved naps.  But!  I woke up just in time…..

PICT0405 edited

….. To watch everyone eat it!

PICT0406 edited

*sigh* It was perfect.   Just perfect.  Being together all day long and filling the house with wonderful smells.  Then sharing it as a family as we filled our hearts with gratitude for our bounteous blessings.

Daddy was grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our family.  Mommy was thankful for the Gospel and Jesus Christ who made it possible for our cherished family to be together forever.  Bubbers was grateful for Daddy (and then me and Mommy).  And I was so thankful to be here–a treasured part of my family!

PICT0419 edited

And then.


Daddy chased me!

PICT0411 edited

*sigh* What a wonderful day!

I hope yours was wonderful, too!!!


Sir Snuggles


PICT0273 edited

Look!  You can see my new teeth!!!!