Summer Series: Playgroup at the park (by the Bubbers King)

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Hey, hey, hey–check it out!


Mommy’s finally starting her “Summer Series” posts about all the fun we had in the sun last year! (Give yourself a big pat on the back, Mommy!)


It all began last April…..


….. With a beautiful day that marked the beginning of “summer”.


The day I scooped my first sand ever (I think…).

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And the first day of 2009 that I had to wear sunglasses, so you know for sure that summer had come! :)


We met our wonderful playgroup friends at the park down the street and really had some fun!


I went barefoot in the sand!


And got on my first merry-go-round ever!


I was a mite apprehensive at first.


But Mommy taught me how to sit down.


And hold on tight!


Then she’d push it at least .000025 miles an hour and I loved it!


After that, I got tangled in the web climber.


“Hi, Mommy! Someday I’ll be free again!”


“Ha, ha!” says Efan, “You’re so silly!”


Then I was free!!


(And so cute!)


After that, I just hung out.


Holy mackerel–I look so small!


Then we ran around the dry water park all crazy like we were little boys or something. (Ha!)


After that, things got serious.


Very serious.


It was me.


And Efan.


Just. Sitting.


But holy smokes were we cute!!


So Mommy (and Scooters in utero!) just had to get in on the action!


And then all my friends did, too!!

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Man–what a fun day.


Mommy and I are so lucky to have such great friends.


Now, if only I knew how to get off this thing…..

General Conference! (by the Bubbers King)

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Hello, my friends!   I’m sorry I can’t stop to talk right now.

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But you see, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is singing.


And they need me to direct them.

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Which is serious business.   (Although, if she tries hard enough…..)


(Mommy can still get me to smile).

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Now, this means that we had General Conference weekend again.  And Mommy is a bit relieved to see that I don’t look too grown up now that I’m 2-and-a-half years old, compared to the last time we had General Conference and I was almost two years old.  (Though if you go back to last year, she’s not quite so relieved…..  And if you go back to a year-and-a-half ago, I look way too young, but at least I’m a consistent choir director).

As usual, we all really enjoyed Conference.

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Mommy was sick, so she appreciated being able to rest as she watched the eight hours of Conference over two days.

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Daddy was cold, because the thermostat is back to 65 degrees.

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So he gave Mommy the “evil eye”.


And tried to get warm.

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But despite illness and cold weather, we always look forward to hearing counsel from our Living Prophet and feel so blessed to have him, the 12 Apostles and other Priesthood leaders who receive revelation from God on our behalf.

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And I always look forward to the choir.

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And this time around, I even tried my hand at playing back-up for them.

But you know what really made this Conference special?

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This little guy!

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He was almost four months old and it was his very first General Conference outside of the womb.

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True to his nature, he was as sweet as could be.

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And constantly smiling–even through his spit-up!

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He enjoyed the Prophet and Apostles, too. But I think what he really enjoyed…..

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Was watching me conduct.


With my stuffed snake.

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What?   Haven’t you ever seen the Mormon Tabernacle Choir being conducted with a multi-colored stuffed snake before?

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He also enjoyed lots of snuggles with his Daddy.


Daddy??  No, stop Daddy!!

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Phew, that was close!

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Daddy really does love Snuggles.


And so do we all!  Happy First General Conference, sweet Little Man!

A bath for Snuggles (by the Bubbers King)

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Hey Everyone!

Sorry I can’t talk right now–it’s time to give Sir Snuggles a bath.

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And I have to be real careful not to let the water get too high.

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Or too hot.

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Okay, Mommy. It’s all ready. You can bring him in now.

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“Thank you, son! I’ll give him one more kiss and then he’s all yours.”

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Aww, hi there Snuggles! Are you ready for your bath?

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Okay. First things first…..

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I need to squeeze out some of this soap…..

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Ha!!  I did it!!

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Now we rub and lather!

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But we make sure to be very gentle, huh, Snuggles?

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After that, it’s time to rinse!

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1, 2, 3…… Pour!

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How are you doing, Snuggles? You okay?

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“Yep, I’m great–two fists up!”

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Oh, good!

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Because I’m done and off to go play now!

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Love you–bye!!